XenDesktop 5 inside of VMware Workstation 8 – First attempt

Installing XenDesktop is a pretty frustrating experience.  I believe that’s why Citrix came out with VDI-in-a-Box to help those interested in a POC build a quick environment.  I haven’t looked at the VDI in a Box solution as I’m more interested in mimicking a production environment.  I posted an earlier teaser in which I proposedContinue reading “XenDesktop 5 inside of VMware Workstation 8 – First attempt”

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure missed the boat on mobile Bring Your Own Device

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a great technology.  But great technologies don’t always become great solutions.  Barb Darrow over at GigaOM post titled “Is this the year of desktop virtualization yet?”  It would seem the year of desktop virtualization has indeed been coming for the last 5 years.  VDI is a wonderful solution for theContinue reading “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure missed the boat on mobile Bring Your Own Device”

XenDesktop 5 Provisioning Server support for vSphere 5.0

I’m a pretty big fan of XenDesktop.  It’s a slick and power VDI platform.  A while back I helped a small company deploy XenDesktop and they’ve really appreciated the migration from XenApp.  They are accessing the environment locally, remotely and via iOS devices.  It just works (for the most part). One design consideration I hadContinue reading “XenDesktop 5 Provisioning Server support for vSphere 5.0”

Citrix Doesn’t Want XenDesktop Used for Disaster Recovery

I read an interesting blog post on the Citrix website about how we should not use XenDesktop as a disaster recovery strategy.  My initial thought was “huh?”  Why in the world would I not want to use XenDesktop as a DR strategy? And why wouldn’t Citrix want to sell me product? I’m not going toContinue reading “Citrix Doesn’t Want XenDesktop Used for Disaster Recovery”

XenDesktop Lab Within VMware Workstation 8 Teaser

See if I can encourage some interaction between you guys and myself.  I’ll throw this nugget out and see who bites.  So, if you have a pretty beefy VMware ESXi server (16GB to 32GB) in your lab you should be able to build a pretty basic XenDesktop lab with a XenDesktop Studio Server, your physicalContinue reading “XenDesktop Lab Within VMware Workstation 8 Teaser”

XenClient Install and First Look

A while back I wrote how I thought Windows 8 should be a bare metal hypervisor.  I won’t revisit the many advantages including VDI but, I’d be really excited to see a client based bare metal hypervisor with wide support. That’s why I got really excited when I heard about XenClient.  I didn’t even knowContinue reading “XenClient Install and First Look”

VDI vs Application Virtualization

I got asked a pretty interesting question the other day.  If an organization deploys Virtualized Applications or Desktops via a virtualized application solution such as XenApp why would they need to deploy Virtualized Desktop using VDI or vice versa? I gave a breakdown on application virtualization and desktop virtualization in an earlier post.  The basicContinue reading “VDI vs Application Virtualization”

Error adding vCenter in XenDesktop 5.0 Desktop Studio

This perplexed me for a few hours while trying to install Xendesktop 5.0 using the quick deployment.  When it was time to connect to the vCenter to add my VMware hosts I kept receiving this error – “The hypervisor was not contactable at the supplied address.” I was able to find plenty of advice onContinue reading “Error adding vCenter in XenDesktop 5.0 Desktop Studio”