Random thoughts on VSAN Networking

I jumped into the middle of a Twitter conversation between Scott Lowe, Chris Wahl and Jason Nash. They were talking about their disappointment that VSAN traffic isn’t routable over layer 3. For the 1.0 release of the product, this makes perfect sense to me. But some of my subsequent Twitter conversations didn’t make sense aboutContinue reading “Random thoughts on VSAN Networking”

The importance of VSAN and NSX to VMware’s SDDC Strategy

I know this is an understatement, but VSAN and NSX are very important VMware.  Not just because they both introduce two new markets for VMware but also because it represents a shift in the position of the hypervisor in the data center.  Prior to VSAN and NSX, VMware preached the security strengths of running limitedContinue reading “The importance of VSAN and NSX to VMware’s SDDC Strategy”

VMworld 2013 – Ask the Experts vBloggers (My Notes)

Rick Scherer (EMC) Duncan Epping (VMware), William Lam (VMware), Scotte Lowe (VMware), Vaughn Steward (NetApp) First Question was the positioning NSX from the two operational teams.  Basically, if the relationship between the server team and networking team is already strained then what impact will NSX have. And what size environment is it positioned. Scott: RespondedContinue reading “VMworld 2013 – Ask the Experts vBloggers (My Notes)”

VMworld 2013 – Keynote Day 2 – NSX, vCAC, vSAN

Kit Colbert (VMware Principal Architect) & Carl Ecshenbach (VMware COO) Joe Baguley (VMware CTO, EMEA) VMware is talking about the business of IT and how they enable their own business to deliver applications.  It’s all about vCloud (vCloud Automation Center and vCloud Director) and NSX (yet to be released).  Kit and Carl went through aContinue reading “VMworld 2013 – Keynote Day 2 – NSX, vCAC, vSAN”