Tech Talk 27: The hypervisor no longer matters

I never brought the idea that VMware is doubling down on virtualization. It didn’t make sense to me. While VMware itself was going well, I didn’t see vSphere as a blockbuster solution anymore. A few years later the diversity we see in VMware’s portfolio bears this out. No one I’ve talked to is knocking downContinue reading “Tech Talk 27: The hypervisor no longer matters”

VMware’s classroom requirement for certification is still horrible

 I never understood why VMware requires you take a course to get certified for a technology as common as VMware vSphere. There might have been a time where it was needed. I imagine back when no one heard of x86 virtualization and the barrier to entry was high. But ESXi is free, VMware offers 60Continue reading “VMware’s classroom requirement for certification is still horrible”

Running vSphere in Amazon or Google Compute

Intel and AMD adding virtualization support to CPU’s marked a watershed moment in the history of virtualization. AMD-V and Intel VT closed the gap in performance between physical workloads and virtualized workloads. Hardware based support virtualization support allowed not only the support for 64-bit virtual guests but nested virtualization as well. Nested virtualization allows theContinue reading “Running vSphere in Amazon or Google Compute”

The Software Mainframe

SiliconANGLE.TV had IBM’s CTO Jeffrey Frey on theCube during IBM’s InterConnect2015 conference. Host John Furrier referenced a comment by former VMware CEO Paul Moritz from 2009. Moritz stated the goal of VMware was to create a software mainframe. EMC may have questioned Moritz’ capability to lead VMware into its next stage of growth, but IContinue reading “The Software Mainframe”

Does VMware Integrated OpenStack make sense?

I called for VMware to introduce an OpenStack distribution. People have consistently told me that I just don’t get OpenStack and that VMware creating a distribution simply didn’t make sense. I’d argue these same people just don’t get the needs and challenges of enterprise computing. Enterprise IT managers are battling shadow IT. End users andContinue reading “Does VMware Integrated OpenStack make sense?”

[Video] Installing vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) in VMware Workstation

Getting back on the horse and trying to finish up my youtube playlist on installing a vSphere lab within VMware workstation. In this latest video I show how and why to install a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) in VMware Workstation instead of one of the ESXi hosts we built.  

EMC and VMware are disrupting Server SAN

The Server SAN market is pretty new but VMware and EMC have already started disrupting the market. Both VMware and EMC have entered the competition of hyper-converged infrastructures or more specifically the Server SAN market with purely software plays. VMware with an impressive solution called VSAN (not vSAN) built around their vSphere hypervisor solution. EMCContinue reading “EMC and VMware are disrupting Server SAN”

VMware will use OpenStack to win the cloud

VMware’s membership to the OpenStack Project makes more sense as I think about it. I wrote an earlier piece on how vCloud Director vs. OpenStack isn’t a debate. Similarly, I don’t believe VMware and OpenStack compete at the datacenter layer. An argument could be made that before VMware and EMC spun off Pivotal that raw OpenStack andContinue reading “VMware will use OpenStack to win the cloud”

Is the software defined data center a security project?

Can security be the catalyst for the software defined data center (SDDC)? Security may be one of the one areas of information technology that’s easy to convey to non-IT executives. The fallout from data breaches such as the one at Target highlight the enormous cost associated with failed security. These events create big attention toContinue reading “Is the software defined data center a security project?”