VirtualizedGeek Tech Talks Episode 3

In episode 3, I talk about the Ars Technica article on VMware vs. AWS and if VMware needs to worry about Amazon’s price cuts. Yet another large company has rolled back their tele-work program.  Bestbuy announced the end of R.O.W.E. Last and most fun, we talk about my virtual vs. physical blog post.  

Installing Citrix VDI-in-a-Box in VMWare Workstation 8

I posted an earlier lab on installing XenDesktop 5 within VMware Workstation 8. But the number 1 search term that comes up for this post is “How to install Citrix VDI-in-a-Box in VMware Workstation.” I kind of take it for granted that if XenDesktop will run in VMware Workstation then the lighter VDI-in-a-Box should beContinue reading “Installing Citrix VDI-in-a-Box in VMWare Workstation 8”

Running XenDesktop 5 inside of VMWare Workstation

This is a follow up to my previous post on trying to run XenDesktop in VMWare Workstation 8. In my previous attempt, I wanted to try and consolidate all of the Windows Server roles into the least amount of virtual servers as possible. In my initial attempts I realized that there was no easy wayContinue reading “Running XenDesktop 5 inside of VMWare Workstation”

Introduction to Virtualization – Client Hypervisor VMware Workstation 8

Class #2 of my series on virtualization technology.  This is a introduction to client side virtualization.  Client side hypervisors also known as Type 2 hypervisors is a great technology to start to wrap your head around virtualization technologies.  VMware Workstation 8 is the foundation of many of the labs that I do on this site.Continue reading “Introduction to Virtualization – Client Hypervisor VMware Workstation 8”

XenDesktop 5 inside of VMware Workstation 8 – First attempt

Installing XenDesktop is a pretty frustrating experience.  I believe that’s why Citrix came out with VDI-in-a-Box to help those interested in a POC build a quick environment.  I haven’t looked at the VDI in a Box solution as I’m more interested in mimicking a production environment.  I posted an earlier teaser in which I proposedContinue reading “XenDesktop 5 inside of VMware Workstation 8 – First attempt”

Configuring VMware Workstation 8 Networking for Nested VM’s

I’ve posted more than a couple of articles on running vSphere inside of VMware Workstation.  One thing we haven’t done a deep dive is how to setup networking in the environment to do things such as vMotion, DRS and Storage.  Also, the ability to access nested VM’s from your production network. Visit Virtualized Geek onContinue reading “Configuring VMware Workstation 8 Networking for Nested VM’s”

XenDesktop Lab Within VMware Workstation 8 Teaser

See if I can encourage some interaction between you guys and myself.  I’ll throw this nugget out and see who bites.  So, if you have a pretty beefy VMware ESXi server (16GB to 32GB) in your lab you should be able to build a pretty basic XenDesktop lab with a XenDesktop Studio Server, your physicalContinue reading “XenDesktop Lab Within VMware Workstation 8 Teaser”