Introduction to Virtualizaton – Video Class 1

Introduction to Virtualization Class 1 I teach two courses at work.  The first is a Cloud Computing course which my first two videos were based on and the other is a VMWare vSphere 5 course which this video is based.  This is an introduction to the basic concept of Virtualization.  Nothing vendor specific other thanContinue reading “Introduction to Virtualizaton – Video Class 1”

XenDesktop 5 inside of VMware Workstation 8 – First attempt

Installing XenDesktop is a pretty frustrating experience.  I believe that’s why Citrix came out with VDI-in-a-Box to help those interested in a POC build a quick environment.  I haven’t looked at the VDI in a Box solution as I’m more interested in mimicking a production environment.  I posted an earlier teaser in which I proposedContinue reading “XenDesktop 5 inside of VMware Workstation 8 – First attempt”

Scoop: Google, Microsoft both targeting Amazon with new clouds

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Google (s goog) is hard at work on a cloud computing offering that will compete directly with the popular Amazon EC2 (s amzn) cloud, according to a source familiar with Google’s plans. Not to be outdone, other sources have confirmed Microsoft is also building an Infrastructure as a Service platform, and…

Why do we even need VMWare’s CloudFoundry?

I live in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).  Most of the projects I’ve been involved in have been around either building these services or deploying applications built on these services. It’s also easy to get customers to relate to single instances of VM’s hosted in the cloud or e-mailContinue reading “Why do we even need VMWare’s CloudFoundry?”

Why Citrix Dumped OpenStack Support

I haven’t had time to review or weigh in on Citrix’s announcement on dropping support for OpenStack and embracing CloudStack.  I know since the announcement OpenStack has had a couple of major wins but I don’t think they come close to offsetting the loss of Citrix in the camp. Citrix really wants to compete inContinue reading “Why Citrix Dumped OpenStack Support”