OpenStack powered by VMware

The more I think about it the strategy of VMware joining OpenStack is starting to make more and more sense. I wrote an earlier piece on how vCloud Director vs. OpenStack wasn’t the debate. Similar I don’t believe VMware and OpenStack compete at even the datacenter layer or Cloud layer for that matter. An argumentContinue reading “OpenStack powered by VMware”

OpenStack and VMware vCloud appeal to different users

It’s very tempting to compare vCloud and OpenStack. It’s also very difficult to imagine an enterprise Cloud that both would actually compete. I wanted to take some time and really think about the two solutions and give a breakdown of why comparing the two solutions head to head doesn’t work. This isn’t about directly comparingContinue reading “OpenStack and VMware vCloud appeal to different users”

Cloud Manager Options

If you want to develop a Private or Public Cloud you have a couple of options for cloud managers.  Click here for a quick intro to why you need a cloud manager.  It seems that the defacto standard for VMware based virtualized environment has been vCloud Director.  The latest version has fixed the short comingsContinue reading “Cloud Manager Options”

What Makes a Virtualized Environment a Cloud?

It’s all about the Cloud Manager. According to NIST the characteristics of a cloud include Elastic, Broadband Access, Measured Service (Pay as you go), Self Provisioning and Pooled Service.  All of the cloud modes can meet the 5 characteristics.  But what makes a virtualized environment a “Cloud”. This is a fairly common question.  After allContinue reading “What Makes a Virtualized Environment a Cloud?”