VDI on Chromebooks does not validate the future of VDI or DaaS

I don’t look at the “partnership” of VMware and Google on the VDI client for Chromebook as a validation of the future of VDI. I believe it actually helps to further my argument that VDI will be regulated to the role similar to that of mainframe terminal emulators. Windows applications running on Chromebooks don’t align with theContinue reading “VDI on Chromebooks does not validate the future of VDI or DaaS”

Is Amazon AWS Desktop as a Service (VDI) ready for prime time?

So, I’ve ignored Amazon’s VDI offering for a few blogging cycles.  It’s clear that Amazon is offering their VDI service as a way to get their foot in the door of the enterprise.  If you think about it Amazon has little choice but to add a VDI solution to their current offering if they wantContinue reading “Is Amazon AWS Desktop as a Service (VDI) ready for prime time?”

VMworld 2013 – Directions in VMware EUC (VDI) – My notes

Employees want to bring in whatever device they’d like. On top of that employees are much more savvy about applications and look to access both their applications and data on any device anywhere. VMware approaches these two technical challenges in two ways. Horizon Workspace: User Centric Computer Is built around the idea of user profileContinue reading “VMworld 2013 – Directions in VMware EUC (VDI) – My notes”

Citrix XenClient vs VMware View Client

Some time ago I posted a first look post on XenClient.  My overall impression was that it was an interesting technology but the hardware support was too limited.  I’ve continued to keep my eye on it from a distance because VDI is always promising but the expanded use case I keep running into are clientContinue reading “Citrix XenClient vs VMware View Client”

The good and the bad of Citrix XenDesktop

I got into a spirited debate on twitter with a buddy regarding XenDesktop vs. VMware Horizon Suite.  I’m beginning to educate myself on the entire Horizon Suite but the last time I did a trade study between the two, XenDesktop handily beat out View when it was a standalone product.  I plan on during aContinue reading “The good and the bad of Citrix XenDesktop”

2013 may FINALLY be the year of VDI and BYOD

I am thinking that maybe 2013 will finally be the year of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) enabled BYOD.  This is not because of some fancy new feature in VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop but due to a new feature of Windows 8.  I said a LONG TIME ago that Windows 8 should be a hypervisorContinue reading “2013 may FINALLY be the year of VDI and BYOD”

VMWorld Session Review – EUC1305 What’s New and What’s Next for VMware View

If you do VDI this is a must see video.  I don’t believe VDI is the future of BYOD but there are very strong arguments for VDI in the enterprise especially as organizations migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7.  If you are in a large enterprise and have to make a decision if toContinue reading “VMWorld Session Review – EUC1305 What’s New and What’s Next for VMware View”

VDI-In-a-Box Running inside of VMware Workstation 8 – Video

As a follow up to what has already turned out to be a pretty popular blog post I’ve created a YouTube video for the my lab on how to run Citrix VDI-In-a-Box inside of VMware Workstation 8.  Not a bad post for the 100th virtualizedgeek.com blog post.  Thanks for reading and watching.