Amazon AWS vs. Enterprise Cloud: VirtualizedGeek TechTalk Episode 30

As a follow up to a couple of related posts, I talk about the challenge of getting enterprise shadow IT give up their AWS account. Related Posts OpenStack vs. AWS: It’s about the developers Amazon AWS really wasn’t designed for the Enterprise Is Amazon AWS Desktop as a Service (VDI) ready for prime time?

Does VMware really want OpenStack to succeed?

I’ve been asking myself the question ever since VMware joined OpenStack, “what’s the play?”  Do they really want OpenStack to succeed.  Isn’t a more capable OpenStack project counter productive to their vCloud philosophy? According this VMware blog post, VMware is a top 10 contributor to OpenStack Grizzly (Latest stable release).  Martin Casado, who came viaContinue reading “Does VMware really want OpenStack to succeed?”

OpenStack and VMware vCloud appeal to different users

It’s very tempting to compare vCloud and OpenStack. It’s also very difficult to imagine an enterprise Cloud that both would actually compete. I wanted to take some time and really think about the two solutions and give a breakdown of why comparing the two solutions head to head doesn’t work. This isn’t about directly comparingContinue reading “OpenStack and VMware vCloud appeal to different users”

Enterprises should just ignore OpenStack

OK, I’ve been back and forth with this, and I’m ready to say, “I don’t get OpenStack”.  I mean I get OpenStack.  I understand what it is, but I don’t understand why I should be interested in it from an enterprise perspective.  It’s the “Kernel” of the cloud.  I don’t want a kernel.  I wantContinue reading “Enterprises should just ignore OpenStack”

VMworld 2012 Session Review – VSP1168: Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure

I found this session to be highly informative.  It was great information around architecting a solid shared vSphere environment.  David Hill, Aiden Dalgleish, Rawlinson Rivera, Duncan Epping and Chris Colotti are clear experts in the all thing VMware infrastructure.  The information was not just specific to VMware products.  They referenced some non-VMware technologies like Platespin Recon.Continue reading “VMworld 2012 Session Review – VSP1168: Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure”

VMware or OpenStack – Who will win the hearts of the data center?

It has taken me a couple years for me to understand Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions like AWS and OpenStack. I’ve built infrastructures for Software as a Service (SaaS) environments. I’ve also been part of a larger team that built a community cloud for the service organization that I work at based on VMwareContinue reading “VMware or OpenStack – Who will win the hearts of the data center?”