The potential of microservices within the data center

Server SAN vendor Springpath is leveraging Docker Containers to provide storage services as part of its architecture. The implementation shows microservices the potential in the traditional data center. Springpath takes a completely abstracted approach to their storage service. Individual Virtual Storage Appliances (VSA) and Docker Containers can provide members for a storage cluster. The abstractionContinue reading “The potential of microservices within the data center”

Is Data Virtualization the Future of Enterprise Storage?

I recently attended Storage Field Day 7 (See disclosure) and was introduced to the concept of data virtualization. From a high-level data virtualization is the abstraction of data services from the physical data. Initially, the concept of data virtualization didn’t resonate with me. It reminded me of trying to understand network virtualization for the firstContinue reading “Is Data Virtualization the Future of Enterprise Storage?”

CopyData yeah… Long live Data Virtualization

I got into interesting sets of exchanges over CopyData with the fine folks of Actifio and Catalogic Software. In general, I’m a fan of the concept of CopyData software. Both solutions reduce the amount of production data on storage (which is up to 60% of all enterprise data) using technics such as snapshots, redirection andContinue reading “CopyData yeah… Long live Data Virtualization”

Transporter – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

Officially my last preview before Storage Field Day 7 is Transporter. Transporter is a private cloud file sharing service. Maybe the most obvious use case for shadow IT is file sharing. Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive make file sharing and collaboration simple. The combination of wide mobile app adoption and collaborationContinue reading “Transporter – Storage Field Day 7 Preview”

VMware – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

One interesting trend for Storage Field Day 7 (SFD) is the lack of Tier 1 SAN vendors. While several of the vendors are claiming support for Tier 1 applications, none of the vendors offer a traditional Tier 1 hardware array (including all-flash). The trend continues with our next preview – VMware. EMC decided to giveContinue reading “VMware – Storage Field Day 7 Preview”

Springpath – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

Maybe the last vendor in our previews for Storage Field Day 7 is Springpath. Springpath is a hyper-converged (Server SAN) play that’s focused on delivering a data platform for all enterprise data. Since Spring Path was kinda enough to query the delegates on what we’d like to hear I put some effort into doing aContinue reading “Springpath – Storage Field Day 7 Preview”

Primary Data – Storage Field Day 7

I’m starting to feel the burn from doing so many blog posts about storage. It’s a good thing the vendors I’m previewing for Storage Field Day 7 (SFD) are staying very interesting from a infrastructure architecture perspective. Primary Data is no exception. I get to ask infrastructure pillar subject matter experts to do the impossible everyContinue reading “Primary Data – Storage Field Day 7”

Maxta – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

Up next in our previews of Storage Field Day 7 (SFD) vendors is Server SAN vendor Maxta. Maxta, founded in 2009 is a provider of software for end users wanting to build an enterprise storage array from commodity x86 hardware. This will be Maxta’s first appearance at Tech Field Day. Competitors in this area include VMware’sContinue reading “Maxta – Storage Field Day 7 Preview”

Kaminario – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

We are previewing our 4th vendor for Storage Field Day 7. If you haven’t noticed the trend, I’m not a storage speed and feeds type of delegate. As an architect, I’m all about services. I trust the smart guys on the storage side to help me understand the design considerations for each solution. With thatContinue reading “Kaminario – Storage Field Day 7 Preview”