Software-Define alternative to Hyper-Convergence

Convergence is aiming to change the data center with the promise of simplifying overall IT operations. We’ve seen tightly engineered solutions from VMware, Cisco and EMC in the form of vBlocks from VCE. More recently we’ve seen hyper-converged systems from the likes of Scale Computing and Nutanix. The appeal of these systems from a CIOContinue reading “Software-Define alternative to Hyper-Convergence”

Nutanix and Scale: Two ends of the hyper-converged market

The hyper-converged infrastructure has two completely different ends of the spectrum when it comes to potential end-users. An example of two different systems positioned at different markets is a comparison between Nutanix and Scale Computing. Nutanix has a lion’s share of the mind share for the hyper-converged market. For companies looking to keep their operations cost low, hyper-convergedContinue reading “Nutanix and Scale: Two ends of the hyper-converged market”

Is the software defined data center a VMware only concept?

A good question to ask after coming from the Software Defined Data Center Symposium 2014  hosted by the fine folks at Tech Field Day, has the industry outside of VMware embraced the idea of SDDC. Yes, I know I called the idea of the SDDC vaporware, which I stand by the statement. I’m well awareContinue reading “Is the software defined data center a VMware only concept?”

Dispelling the FUD around iSCSI

One of the interesting things in enterprise storage has been the FUD around iSCSI vs. Fiber Channel (FC). iSCSI has consistently been looked upon as the lesser option of the two storage transports. It’s debatable if it’s traditional enterprise storage vendors or “old guard” storage engineers resistant to change spreading the misinformation. It may beContinue reading “Dispelling the FUD around iSCSI”