FalconStor – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview

I’m going to Virtualization Field Day 6. And, I’ll continue my new tradition of previewing each presenting company before the event. Today, we’ll take a look at FalconStor. Basic Company Info FalconStor is a publically traded company (FALC) with a market cap of about $83M at the time of this writing. The company, founded inContinue reading “FalconStor – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview”

TechTalk 44: Maybe the SDDC isn’t Vaporware

The past few Tech Talks have been around the infrastructure building blocks of the software defined data center (SDDC).  Today we are going to tackle a real use case for the SDDC and give an example of a vendor offering a solution to this business challenge. Software development and test has always been a challengeContinue reading “TechTalk 44: Maybe the SDDC isn’t Vaporware”

Defining Software Defined Storage – Techtalk 42

In TechTalk 40 we tackled defining the Software Defined Data Center.  I take a stab at explaining my view and value of Software Defined Storage and why it matters to the enterprise.  A spoiler alert I talk alot about abstraction, software defined networking and some cloud provider stuff.