How SDN and Network Virtualization will enable Hybrid Cloud

I know we are just at the beginning of the network virtualization movement but, I have some pretty high hopes for the technology.  I believe IaaS Cloud is one of the “killer” applications for network virtualization.  A lot of attention is paid to the orchestration that comes to provisioning networks in the enterprise and withinContinue reading “How SDN and Network Virtualization will enable Hybrid Cloud”

Guessing the next big technology career path

Picking a winning career path in technology is difficult even if you have years of industry experience. The great thing about having over 15 years of experience in IT is that I have great 20/20 rear vision. I now know, investing in my Cisco certification, in 2001 was a much better idea than updating myContinue reading “Guessing the next big technology career path”

Cisco is only 4 years late with ACI

I asked for true hardware based network virtualization from Cisco over 3 1/2 years ago.  And, I guess Cisco has finally listened and will be giving me hardware based network virtualization.  Only thing is it seems the industry has moved on to a software based solution.  Cisco is in the middle of a software vs.Continue reading “Cisco is only 4 years late with ACI”

VMware’s grand plan to rule the world (or at least the data center)

I just went on a Twitter rant of predictions on where I believe VMware is going ultimately with their plan to live beyond their market leading server virtualization technology and on to eventual data center domination.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Citrix and Microsoft are catching up and may even surpass vSphere in capability. TheContinue reading “VMware’s grand plan to rule the world (or at least the data center)”

Network Virtualization: ACI vs. NSX is about ASIC vs. Software

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Cisco ACI vs. VMware NSX debate.  It brings about a larger question.  It’s not just ACI vs. NSX but Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC).  When I started programing back in high school I had this theory about x86 hardware.  There was never such a thing as underContinue reading “Network Virtualization: ACI vs. NSX is about ASIC vs. Software”

Cisco is late to the SDN game but it may not matter

There was a time when I could reliably look toward Cisco to lead the network industry in providing capabilities that dragged along in the slow dredge that can be standards boards.  Cisco would fill the gap where standards bodies were slow to react.  For instance, Cisco long ago expanded the capability of the IGRP routingContinue reading “Cisco is late to the SDN game but it may not matter”

Cisco and VMware make Billion Dollar bets on SDN

Both Cisco and VMware have bet big on SDN as the future of the multi-billion dollar network industry.  VMware bet big on the purchase of Nicira and released their NSX product network virtualization solution as a way forward away from hardware first solutions such as typical Cisco product.  Cisco in kind has answered back withContinue reading “Cisco and VMware make Billion Dollar bets on SDN”

NSX is here. Now what does that mean for innovation?

I don’t believe VMware’s NSX or network virtualization for that matter is the innovation being brought by the release of the product.  One of the advantages to VMware releasing NSX is that we get to see the true value of network virtualization via the hands of end users.  Like most new technologies that progress fromContinue reading “NSX is here. Now what does that mean for innovation?”

Keeping an eye on software-defined networking: what will it break, and how will it perform?

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The adoption of Software Defined Networking (SDN) may not have progressed as rapidly as some may have thought, with less than 10 percent of enterprises running significant production traffic through virtualized networks. While there’s no denying the business benefit of the technology, many hesitate to implement. What are the obstacles and…

Can VMware NSX succeed where others have failed?

Prior to VMware purchasing Nicira, the company was one of a handful of SDN players on the market.  You could argue that they weren’t even the most mature product on the market at the time.  Take for example companies such as Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) that has launched similar SDN solutions geared specifically to the CloudContinue reading “Can VMware NSX succeed where others have failed?”