Hyperconverged vendor Maxta announces SDN partnership

Hyperconverged vendor Maxta recently announced a partnership with Cumulus to bring software-defined networking (SDN) to the hyperconverged space. My hope was that Maxta and Cumulus were doing something really new. The hope was something like the Infrastructure Brick approach I’ve previously written about in the past. The idea is to build a data center designedContinue reading “Hyperconverged vendor Maxta announces SDN partnership”

Virtual SDN (vSDN) will be a thing

A recent post by Joe Onisick highlighted VMware NSX’s inability to control physical bits. As a result, he positioned NSX as a Network Function Virtualization solution vs. a full SDN product. VMware may remind you that through VTEP and partnerships with their hardware partners, you have the ability to extend NSX to the physical level albeit withoutContinue reading “Virtual SDN (vSDN) will be a thing”

Physical networking isn’t dead: It’s adapting

I while back I talked to VMware’s Martin Casado about their Goldilocks Zone concept within the VMware hypervisor. The ability to implement security concepts such as micro-segmentation with your virtual infrastructure is a great example of this Goldilocks concept. However, as I probed about how this benefits the physical network the gap of a completeContinue reading “Physical networking isn’t dead: It’s adapting”

I was wrong about SDN

Without even debating, I again found myself on the losing end of an argument with VMware’s Martin Casado.  In our first conversation over a year ago, he explained to me why network virtualization and specifically NSX, which hadn’t been released at the time wasn’t vaporware.  Yesterday, he blew the lid off another one of myContinue reading “I was wrong about SDN”

No business case for SDN

One of the great things about both VMware NSX and Cisco ACI is that both have brought a great deal of attention to Software Defined Networking (SDN). SDN is fascinating and innovating technology. Whether you are taking Cisco’s programmable hardware-based approach or VMware’s network overlay approach, the technology enables network managers to deliver network infrastructureContinue reading “No business case for SDN”

Infrastructure bricks are the future of enterprise data centers

I’ve always felt the current flavors of hyper-converged bricks are incomplete.  The focus is on storage and compute with no solid consideration for networking.  In my opinion to be considered a converged infrastructure you have to offer storage, compute and networking.  There hasn’t been a lot of press around vendors looking to break down theContinue reading “Infrastructure bricks are the future of enterprise data centers”

TechTalk 44: Maybe the SDDC isn’t Vaporware

The past few Tech Talks have been around the infrastructure building blocks of the software defined data center (SDDC).  Today we are going to tackle a real use case for the SDDC and give an example of a vendor offering a solution to this business challenge. Software development and test has always been a challengeContinue reading “TechTalk 44: Maybe the SDDC isn’t Vaporware”