I was wrong about SDN

Without even debating, I again found myself on the losing end of an argument with VMware’s Martin Casado.  In our first conversation over a year ago, he explained to me why network virtualization and specifically NSX, which hadn’t been released at the time wasn’t vaporware.  Yesterday, he blew the lid off another one of myContinue reading “I was wrong about SDN”

TechTalk 44: Maybe the SDDC isn’t Vaporware

The past few Tech Talks have been around the infrastructure building blocks of the software defined data center (SDDC).  Today we are going to tackle a real use case for the SDDC and give an example of a vendor offering a solution to this business challenge. Software development and test has always been a challengeContinue reading “TechTalk 44: Maybe the SDDC isn’t Vaporware”

Why should CIO’s and business leaders care about Software Defined Networking

  Software Defined Networking is a meaty topic and a good follow-up to last week’s conversation on Software Defined Storage.  There’s a lot at stake from both the software and hardware vendors in this space.  Both VMware, who’s trying to get their foot in the door and Cisco, who’s trying to maintain market dominance haveContinue reading “Why should CIO’s and business leaders care about Software Defined Networking”

Why is SDN important – Techtalk 43

  Continuing the theme of the software defined data center, I tackle the network.  Even if we accept the argument that networks scale perfectly fine without abstraction the question of agility has to be answered.  The software defined network is all about agility.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Cisco’s hardware based approach or VMware’s virtualized approach.Continue reading “Why is SDN important – Techtalk 43”

Defining Software Defined Storage – Techtalk 42

In TechTalk 40 we tackled defining the Software Defined Data Center.  I take a stab at explaining my view and value of Software Defined Storage and why it matters to the enterprise.  A spoiler alert I talk alot about abstraction, software defined networking and some cloud provider stuff.

Is it time to stop ignoring OpenStack?

I’m on record having said that non-tech enterprise should ignore OpenStack about 20 months ago. It’s time to revisit that point of view. The OpenStack Summit is wrapping up and the most exciting news for me is the companies adopting the platform in some meaningful way. Both Disney and Wells Fargo discussed how OpenStack is fulfilling aContinue reading “Is it time to stop ignoring OpenStack?”

Why abstraction (software-defined) is important – TechTalk 40

  For the “Big 40” I discuss why abstraction is important not just for server virtualization but why it’s important for network and storage. The driver behind SDDC is the ability to build applications that scale from a simplified interface to the infrastructure.

Software-Define alternative to Hyper-Convergence

Convergence is aiming to change the data center with the promise of simplifying overall IT operations. We’ve seen tightly engineered solutions from VMware, Cisco and EMC in the form of vBlocks from VCE. More recently we’ve seen hyper-converged systems from the likes of Scale Computing and Nutanix. The appeal of these systems from a CIOContinue reading “Software-Define alternative to Hyper-Convergence”

Is the software defined data center a VMware only concept?

A good question to ask after coming from the Software Defined Data Center Symposium 2014  hosted by the fine folks at Tech Field Day, has the industry outside of VMware embraced the idea of SDDC. Yes, I know I called the idea of the SDDC vaporware, which I stand by the statement. I’m well awareContinue reading “Is the software defined data center a VMware only concept?”

SDDC is a little less than Vaporware

I spent the day courtesy of Gestalt IT at the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) Symposium 2014 in San Jose, CA.  The symposium featured industry thought leaders and sponsors who have some really interesting products around the software defined space and more “traditional” hardware solutions.  This is year two of the symposium and well worthContinue reading “SDDC is a little less than Vaporware”