Rackspace does (should) not compete directly with AWS

OpenStack cloud providers such as Rackspace (The Open Cloud Company) and HP are in a difficult part of the cloud computing market. Googe, Microsoft and AWS are in a position to provide compute, storage and network bandwidth at much lower costs due to their scale. However, I’ve never really considered Rackspace and the like asContinue reading “Rackspace does (should) not compete directly with AWS”

Tech Talk Episode 19 – The hidden cost of public cloud

Too often I run into both management and engineers that default to the thinking that migrating infrastructures to Cloud computing will reduce costs.  It’s true that there are some capital expenses that will be reduced once you account for depreciation but I think people are a little over optimistic in the amount of operating expensesContinue reading “Tech Talk Episode 19 – The hidden cost of public cloud”

OpenStack powered by VMware

The more I think about it the strategy of VMware joining OpenStack is starting to make more and more sense. I wrote an earlier piece on how vCloud Director vs. OpenStack wasn’t the debate. Similar I don’t believe VMware and OpenStack compete at even the datacenter layer or Cloud layer for that matter. An argumentContinue reading “OpenStack powered by VMware”

Laggard Rackspace growth sparks concern: is there enough cloud biz to go around?

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Here’s the narrative that cloud vendors would like us to believe: there are infinite workloads flowing to clouds of infinite capacity. There’s enough business for all, keep moving. But there is nagging worry, sparked anew by Rackspace’s laggard Q1 cloud growth, that the appetite for cloud services may not be unlimited after…

OpenStack and VMware vCloud appeal to different users

It’s very tempting to compare vCloud and OpenStack. It’s also very difficult to imagine an enterprise Cloud that both would actually compete. I wanted to take some time and really think about the two solutions and give a breakdown of why comparing the two solutions head to head doesn’t work. This isn’t about directly comparingContinue reading “OpenStack and VMware vCloud appeal to different users”

Is the Rackspace OpenStack cloud really open?

I read an article over on GigaOm about Rackspace announcing a private/hybrid cloud based on their OpenStack offering.  This got me to thinking and asking the question, “Is Rackspace cloud really open?”  Yes, it’s built on OpenStack but what does that mean today for enterprise customers looking for an open solution.  One of the mainContinue reading “Is the Rackspace OpenStack cloud really open?”

Does the Enterprise have a use for OpenStack and IaaS?

OpenStack has gotten a lot of attention the past few months.  As well as it should as it’s an ambitious project.  The question that I constantly ask, “What is the impact to the enterprise of these IaaS solutions.”  In theory when the OpenStack project is mature I should be able to move workloads from myContinue reading “Does the Enterprise have a use for OpenStack and IaaS?”

Rackspace CEO: ‘We’re playing a different game’ than Amazon

Originally posted on Gigaom:
For Rackspace, there’s no turning back from OpenStack now. As of Wednesday, all new customer workloads will deploy on the company’s open source cloud computing platform, leaving the company’s legacy platform for existing customers that want to take their time transitioning to the new cloud. Now, the competition to dethrone cloud…

Has Amazon opened the door for a more enterprise friendly private/public cloud option?

Amazon is getting tantalizingly closer to providing a native platform that enables extending your private cloud to AWS.  This service allows for the importing and exporting of VMDK (VMWare), Citrix, XEN VHD and Hyper-V VHD images of Windows 2003 R2 and 2008 R1/R2 servers. I can easily see a 3rd party provider creating software thatContinue reading “Has Amazon opened the door for a more enterprise friendly private/public cloud option?”

Why Rackspack and Openstack may not be too late (You have no hand)

I posted earlier on why I believe Rackspace’s open source initiative Openstack may be too late.  Now I’m going to discuss why it may not be too late.  The solution has been in development from July of 2010 to May 1st 2012 when Rackspace offered the first widely deployed production ready Openstack offering. Openstack isContinue reading “Why Rackspack and Openstack may not be too late (You have no hand)”