Cloud is about startups and that’s not enough

Former Netflix Architect Adrian Cockcraft and Speaking In Tech host Greg Knierieman had an interesting exchange on Twitter. Adrian compared Netflix’ $100M investment in House of Cards to Zynga’s $100 outlay in a data center. .@adrianco If you are going to compare Netflix & Zynga tech investments, then compare Netflix IT investments and AWS costs:Continue reading “Cloud is about startups and that’s not enough”

Does VMware Integrated OpenStack make sense?

I called for VMware to introduce an OpenStack distribution. People have consistently told me that I just don’t get OpenStack and that VMware creating a distribution simply didn’t make sense. I’d argue these same people just don’t get the needs and challenges of enterprise computing. Enterprise IT managers are battling shadow IT. End users andContinue reading “Does VMware Integrated OpenStack make sense?”

Is it time to stop ignoring OpenStack?

I’m on record having said that non-tech enterprise should ignore OpenStack about 20 months ago. It’s time to revisit that point of view. The OpenStack Summit is wrapping up and the most exciting news for me is the companies adopting the platform in some meaningful way. Both Disney and Wells Fargo discussed how OpenStack is fulfilling aContinue reading “Is it time to stop ignoring OpenStack?”

The enterprise should not ignore Openstack: Tech Talk 41

One of my most popular TechTalks is around the readiness of OpenStack for the enterprise.  Basically, at the time it wasn’t mature.  My stanch has been easing over the past couple of releases.  In this video I discuss the significance of both Wells Fargo and Disney embracing OpenStack.  Looking forward to more customer testimonials atContinue reading “The enterprise should not ignore Openstack: Tech Talk 41”

Why abstraction (software-defined) is important – TechTalk 40

  For the “Big 40” I discuss why abstraction is important not just for server virtualization but why it’s important for network and storage. The driver behind SDDC is the ability to build applications that scale from a simplified interface to the infrastructure.

OpenStack alone doesn’t prevent vendor lock-in

We are four years into the whole OpenStack Revolution. One of the principal concerns four years ago was the ability of the platform to avoid vendor lock-in. Some initially questioned if the approach of multiple cloud providers building natively interoperable clouds was a realistic goal. Bringing together a crowd of commercial interests to make aContinue reading “OpenStack alone doesn’t prevent vendor lock-in”

Rackspace does (should) not compete directly with AWS

OpenStack cloud providers such as Rackspace (The Open Cloud Company) and HP are in a difficult part of the cloud computing market. Googe, Microsoft and AWS are in a position to provide compute, storage and network bandwidth at much lower costs due to their scale. However, I’ve never really considered Rackspace and the like asContinue reading “Rackspace does (should) not compete directly with AWS”

VMware will use OpenStack to win the cloud

VMware’s membership to the OpenStack Project makes more sense as I think about it. I wrote an earlier piece on how vCloud Director vs. OpenStack isn’t a debate. Similarly, I don’t believe VMware and OpenStack compete at the datacenter layer. An argument could be made that before VMware and EMC spun off Pivotal that raw OpenStack andContinue reading “VMware will use OpenStack to win the cloud”