Is Cisco fighting a losing battle over SDN?

I’m wondering if Cisco is fighting a losing battle with their ACI approach to SDN.  Basically, they are looking to provide programmability to the network via their Application-Centric Infrastructure.  This is different from the current software first movement in that Cisco’s approach is based on their hardware first view of the network.  However, if youContinue reading “Is Cisco fighting a losing battle over SDN?”

Cisco and VMWare SDN: Breaking through the FUD

This post is Sponsored by – My Linked Profile There has been a good deal of FUD spread since VMware has announced their NSX network hypervisor based on software from their $1 billion Nicira acquisition.  VMware is a large corporation but, $1 billion is a lot of money to any company and a big betContinue reading “Cisco and VMWare SDN: Breaking through the FUD”

VMworld 2013 – Network Virtualization: Moving Beyond the Obvious (My Notes)

Speaker: Martin Casado (VMware Networking CTO) This post is Sponsored by – My Linked Profile Martin started out pretty well, talking about the value proposition of NSX.  I asked the question earlier how does NSX bring value to the enterprise. The simple value proposition is what gets a solution in the door.  For example, the serverContinue reading “VMworld 2013 – Network Virtualization: Moving Beyond the Obvious (My Notes)”

VMworld 2013 – Ask the Experts vBloggers (My Notes)

Rick Scherer (EMC) Duncan Epping (VMware), William Lam (VMware), Scotte Lowe (VMware), Vaughn Steward (NetApp) First Question was the positioning NSX from the two operational teams.  Basically, if the relationship between the server team and networking team is already strained then what impact will NSX have. And what size environment is it positioned. Scott: RespondedContinue reading “VMworld 2013 – Ask the Experts vBloggers (My Notes)”

VMworld 2013 – Keynote Day 2 – NSX, vCAC, vSAN

Kit Colbert (VMware Principal Architect) & Carl Ecshenbach (VMware COO) Joe Baguley (VMware CTO, EMEA) VMware is talking about the business of IT and how they enable their own business to deliver applications.  It’s all about vCloud (vCloud Automation Center and vCloud Director) and NSX (yet to be released).  Kit and Carl went through aContinue reading “VMworld 2013 – Keynote Day 2 – NSX, vCAC, vSAN”

VMworld 2013 – Major Announcements (Live Blog)

This was my first live VMworld Keynote.  This was a well-polished production with a to capacity audience.  Robin Matlock VMware’s Chief Marketing Officer first taking the stage and honoring a handful of conference faithful who have attended all 10 VMworlds. Robin walks us through the history of VMware’s disruptive technologies including ESX, vMotion and DRS.Continue reading “VMworld 2013 – Major Announcements (Live Blog)”

Network Virtualization will change the Engineer’s role forever

Virtualization is not only making the silos fall in-between IT operations groups within the enterprise but also the silos in skill sets of the individual engineer.  I wrote this piece over on TechTarget discussing how full convergence of networking, storage and compute will completely change what the enterprise looks for in a systems engineer.  With VMworldContinue reading “Network Virtualization will change the Engineer’s role forever”

Network Virtualization isn’t Vaporware

After writing a post on SearchNetworking asking the question if Network Virtualization was Vaporware, I got a lot of feedback.  Much of it asking me if I am crazy and where have I been for the last couple of years.  There are implementations of OpenSwitch that reaches the 10’s of thousands of nodes.  The ideaContinue reading “Network Virtualization isn’t Vaporware”