Virtual SDN (vSDN) will be a thing

A recent post by Joe Onisick highlighted VMware NSX’s inability to control physical bits. As a result, he positioned NSX as a Network Function Virtualization solution vs. a full SDN product. VMware may remind you that through VTEP and partnerships with their hardware partners, you have the ability to extend NSX to the physical level albeit withoutContinue reading “Virtual SDN (vSDN) will be a thing”

Is Cisco’s ACI vaporware?

I am wondering if Cisco’s ACI Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution is vaporware. We will start by looking at the traits of vaporware, which include: Product announced as a result of a competitor’s action Loosely or undefined release date Non-Specific set of features Lack of product demos or customer betas VMware’s purchase of Nicira seemsContinue reading “Is Cisco’s ACI vaporware?”

How SDN and Network Virtualization will enable Hybrid Cloud

I know we are just at the beginning of the network virtualization movement but, I have some pretty high hopes for the technology.  I believe IaaS Cloud is one of the “killer” applications for network virtualization.  A lot of attention is paid to the orchestration that comes to provisioning networks in the enterprise and withinContinue reading “How SDN and Network Virtualization will enable Hybrid Cloud”

Convergence is great until you don’t agree with it

Convergence is great when you are leading the way and implementing your vision.  But, what happens when you are on the “other side” of convergence?  I’ve blown the horn for convergence of network and server infrastructures in the form of virtualization for a while.  With virtual network ports out numbering physical ports it seems obviousContinue reading “Convergence is great until you don’t agree with it”

Cisco and VMWare SDN: Breaking through the FUD

This post is Sponsored by – My Linked Profile There has been a good deal of FUD spread since VMware has announced their NSX network hypervisor based on software from their $1 billion Nicira acquisition.  VMware is a large corporation but, $1 billion is a lot of money to any company and a big betContinue reading “Cisco and VMWare SDN: Breaking through the FUD”

Network Virtualization will change the Engineer’s role forever

Virtualization is not only making the silos fall in-between IT operations groups within the enterprise but also the silos in skill sets of the individual engineer.  I wrote this piece over on TechTarget discussing how full convergence of networking, storage and compute will completely change what the enterprise looks for in a systems engineer.  With VMworldContinue reading “Network Virtualization will change the Engineer’s role forever”

Network Virtualization isn’t Vaporware

After writing a post on SearchNetworking asking the question if Network Virtualization was Vaporware, I got a lot of feedback.  Much of it asking me if I am crazy and where have I been for the last couple of years.  There are implementations of OpenSwitch that reaches the 10’s of thousands of nodes.  The ideaContinue reading “Network Virtualization isn’t Vaporware”