iCloud horror story – When remote wipe goes horribly wrong

I don’t use iCloud for much. I did use the iCloud remote wipe to clean the data on a lost/stolen iPhone. I was grateful that the service was available to me even though I had a PIN screen lock on my iPhone. It was nice to have a peace of mind that my data wasContinue reading “iCloud horror story – When remote wipe goes horribly wrong”

Onlive to compete with Citrix?

The streaming game company Onlive.com recently introduced a managed streaming desktop service.  Currently the only client available is for the iPAD.  I’ve used several streaming Windows desktop products for the iPad including XenDesktop, Logmein and GoToMyPC and I have to tell you this is one of the more fluid and enjoyable experiences I’ve had toContinue reading “Onlive to compete with Citrix?”