IaaS is irrelevant: It’s the platform

Sometimes you are so close to something you can forget to separate the forest from the trees. This has been the case when it comes to cloud computing in the enterprise. I’ve often argued Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) isn’t the end game of private cloud. For example, the value of Amazon’s AWS service isn’tContinue reading “IaaS is irrelevant: It’s the platform”

Does the Enterprise have a use for OpenStack and IaaS?

OpenStack has gotten a lot of attention the past few months.  As well as it should as it’s an ambitious project.  The question that I constantly ask, “What is the impact to the enterprise of these IaaS solutions.”  In theory when the OpenStack project is mature I should be able to move workloads from myContinue reading “Does the Enterprise have a use for OpenStack and IaaS?”