TT 24: Nutanix isn’t an application

Nutanix CEO’s response to VMware’s vSphere support concerns is interesting. One of the more interesting battles in enterprise tech has been the back and forth between Nutanix and VMware. Most recently VMware had gotten a dig in on Nutanix’ end user license agreement that prevents publishing of benchmarks without the written permission of Nutanix. AsContinue reading “TT 24: Nutanix isn’t an application”

Hyperconverged vendor Maxta announces SDN partnership

Hyperconverged vendor Maxta recently announced a partnership with Cumulus to bring software-defined networking (SDN) to the hyperconverged space. My hope was that Maxta and Cumulus were doing something really new. The hope was something like the Infrastructure Brick approach I’ve previously written about in the past. The idea is to build a data center designedContinue reading “Hyperconverged vendor Maxta announces SDN partnership”