Is a single management solution required for multi-hypervisor environments?

I’ve been considering the idea of multiple hypervisors for some time now.  The primary challenge that comes up in this discussion is the ability to manage the environments seamlessly.  I even had an extended conversation with a vendor about this just a couple of days ago and general challenges of managing multiple hypervisors.  The ideaContinue reading “Is a single management solution required for multi-hypervisor environments?”

Cisco Distributed Nexus 1000v closer to reality in Hyper-V

Cisco Distributed Nexus 1000v closer to reality in Hyper-V   One of the major differences between vSphere and KVM, Hyper-V and XenServer has been the ability to integrate 3rd party distributed switches.  VMware vSphere has had the ability to support Nexus 1000v for a few years now while it has been “coming” to Hyper-V forContinue reading “Cisco Distributed Nexus 1000v closer to reality in Hyper-V”

VirtualizedGeek Tech Talks Episode 3

In episode 3, I talk about the Ars Technica article on VMware vs. AWS and if VMware needs to worry about Amazon’s price cuts. Yet another large company has rolled back their tele-work program.  Bestbuy announced the end of R.O.W.E. Last and most fun, we talk about my virtual vs. physical blog post.  

Physical vs. Virtual virtualization lab

So, you want to improve your knowledge of virtualization.  Doesn’t matter if it’s Hyper-V, VMware, Xen or KVM the major decision of Physical vs. Virtual lab is the same.  If you are new to virtualization your first thought may be to go out and purchase some dedicated hardware to run your lab sessions.  There’s aContinue reading “Physical vs. Virtual virtualization lab”

Does VMware know Cloud is all about the Developers?

If I were a certain CEO of a certain software company, I would be standing on a stage with a blade server jumping up and down yelling “Developers, Developers, Developers.”  I’m a huge fan of VMware products.  VMware has long been the thought leader in x86 virtualization products both on the desktop and in theContinue reading “Does VMware know Cloud is all about the Developers?”

Windows Server 2012 Ain’t no Cloud OS either

I took a little stab at OpenStack’s claim of being a Cloud OS. Any solution that bills itself as an OS should have the features of an OS. My dig on OpenStack was that it was taking liberty with the term OS as it doesn’t have the ability to cluster across cloud providers without aContinue reading “Windows Server 2012 Ain’t no Cloud OS either”

Is VMware headed the slow painful death of Novell

If you’ve spent any time reading my blog you know I’m a big fan of VMware’s virtualization platform and the entire management suite vSphere/vCloud and vETC.  I believe it is by far the best technical solution for x86 virtualization. Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) is a compelling feature and a huge value on its own.  TheContinue reading “Is VMware headed the slow painful death of Novell”

SANs free live migration – VMware vs. Hyper-V

With the introduction of Hyper-V 3.0 and vSphere 5.1 both major virtualization vendors have introduced SAN free live migration solutions.  To give a quick recap live migration is the ability to migrate a virtual machine from one physical host to another physical host without interruption of service for the target virtual machine.  In the past,Continue reading “SANs free live migration – VMware vs. Hyper-V”

Hyper-V 3 vs. vSphere 5 Debate on ZDNet

Zdnet has an interesting debate about Hyper-V 3 on Windows Server 8 vs. vSphere 5.0.  Hyper-V to this point has been a great value play for organizations that didn’t have huge management requirements for their virtualized environment.  It’s support for Linux has actually improved a lot as well. But I think it’s unreasonable to think theContinue reading “Hyper-V 3 vs. vSphere 5 Debate on ZDNet”