TechTalk 7 – Venom and containers spreading some FUD

I’m here today to spread some Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about containers. While Venom has made some headlines about a vulnerability within some open source hypervisors, I’m more interested in the disucsion around container security. Download and listen to the podcast to hear my concerns.    

The potential of microservices within the data center

Server SAN vendor Springpath is leveraging Docker Containers to provide storage services as part of its architecture. The implementation shows microservices the potential in the traditional data center. Springpath takes a completely abstracted approach to their storage service. Individual Virtual Storage Appliances (VSA) and Docker Containers can provide members for a storage cluster. The abstractionContinue reading “The potential of microservices within the data center”

Can Docker replace VMware?

Is Docker, and for that matter containers in general full-on competition to VMware and other virtualization platforms? Docker has announced platform level features that include network virtualization and clustering. However, not every workload is suitable for containers. Containers lack much of the security, network features and management capability of full virtualization stacks. But, they areContinue reading “Can Docker replace VMware?”

Docker on Windows – Write once run ……

Microsoft and Docker have announced the intention of creating a native version of Docker for Windows. With this comes the promise of the ability to write an application to an abstracted context such as a Docker container. That container can then run on anything the runs Docker. In theory, you could live migrate an applicationContinue reading “Docker on Windows – Write once run ……”

When will IT infrastructure become invisible?

The recent Amazon and Rackspace Xen security patching shows how far infrastructure needs to go before it becomes the invisible plumbing of the Internet let alone enterprise IT. Netflix wrote an interesting blog post that shows the lengths they went to in order to keep their services unaffected. We should be getting to the pointContinue reading “When will IT infrastructure become invisible?”

The future of Containers

I’ve been giving containers a second thought at least from a concept perspective. One of my more faithful readers Lennie, has been pushing containers for the past year or so. I wrote about how containers will probably never catch on in Windows because one, they have been around at least since Windows 2000 and two,Continue reading “The future of Containers”

Will Docker-like containers take off in Windows?

If you have primarily worked in a Windows Server environment, you may be asking yourself what’s the big deal about containers? After all, we’ve seen this all play out on the desktop side for years.  Windows has had application virtualization in different forms from many vendors.  The best known would be Citrix’ XenApp.  XenApp hasContinue reading “Will Docker-like containers take off in Windows?”