TechTalk 9: Copy data solutions

I ran into the first vendor providing a copy data solution back at VMWorld 2013. It was Actifio and the solution intrigued me. By 2015 and Storage Field Day 7 when Catalogic software presented their solution, I become dismissive of the category. The concept has potential for infrastructure specific such as backup and non-real timeContinue reading “TechTalk 9: Copy data solutions”

CopyData yeah… Long live Data Virtualization

I got into interesting sets of exchanges over CopyData with the fine folks of Actifio and Catalogic Software. In general, I’m a fan of the concept of CopyData software. Both solutions reduce the amount of production data on storage (which is up to 60% of all enterprise data) using technics such as snapshots, redirection andContinue reading “CopyData yeah… Long live Data Virtualization”