Does VMware know Cloud is all about the Developers?

If I were a certain CEO of a certain software company, I would be standing on a stage with a blade server jumping up and down yelling “Developers, Developers, Developers.”  I’m a huge fan of VMware products.  VMware has long been the thought leader in x86 virtualization products both on the desktop and in theContinue reading “Does VMware know Cloud is all about the Developers?”

Enterprises should just ignore OpenStack

OK, I’ve been back and forth with this, and I’m ready to say, “I don’t get OpenStack”.  I mean I get OpenStack.  I understand what it is, but I don’t understand why I should be interested in it from an enterprise perspective.  It’s the “Kernel” of the cloud.  I don’t want a kernel.  I wantContinue reading “Enterprises should just ignore OpenStack”

Does the Enterprise have a use for OpenStack and IaaS?

OpenStack has gotten a lot of attention the past few months.  As well as it should as it’s an ambitious project.  The question that I constantly ask, “What is the impact to the enterprise of these IaaS solutions.”  In theory when the OpenStack project is mature I should be able to move workloads from myContinue reading “Does the Enterprise have a use for OpenStack and IaaS?”

Has Amazon opened the door for a more enterprise friendly private/public cloud option?

Amazon is getting tantalizingly closer to providing a native platform that enables extending your private cloud to AWS.  This service allows for the importing and exporting of VMDK (VMWare), Citrix, XEN VHD and Hyper-V VHD images of Windows 2003 R2 and 2008 R1/R2 servers. I can easily see a 3rd party provider creating software thatContinue reading “Has Amazon opened the door for a more enterprise friendly private/public cloud option?”

Introduction to Cloud Computing – Cloud Manager

So, I normally teach this class as a two hour session and I had a heck of a time cutting out material and getting it down to something digestible for Internet (and slide deck) viewing. It’s a quick introduction to cloud managers and a continuation of my introductory cloud computing course.