Cloud is about startups and that’s not enough

Former Netflix Architect Adrian Cockcraft and Speaking In Tech host Greg Knierieman had an interesting exchange on Twitter. Adrian compared Netflix’ $100M investment in House of Cards to Zynga’s $100 outlay in a data center. .@adrianco If you are going to compare Netflix & Zynga tech investments, then compare Netflix IT investments and AWS costs:Continue reading “Cloud is about startups and that’s not enough”

VMworld 2013 – Major Announcements (Live Blog)

This was my first live VMworld Keynote.  This was a well-polished production with a to capacity audience.  Robin Matlock VMware’s Chief Marketing Officer first taking the stage and honoring a handful of conference faithful who have attended all 10 VMworlds. Robin walks us through the history of VMware’s disruptive technologies including ESX, vMotion and DRS.Continue reading “VMworld 2013 – Major Announcements (Live Blog)”

Will Microsoft let Onlive’s Windows Desktop service survive?

I’ve tried Onlive’s Windows Desktop service and I have to say it is pretty slick, maybe too slick. The service is aimed at iPad tablet users who wish to have a full Windows Desktop on their iPad. It specifically solves the challenge of providing applications that are not available on the iPad such as OfficeContinue reading “Will Microsoft let Onlive’s Windows Desktop service survive?”