OpenStack as I understand it

I’ve made a few comments about OpenStack on my blog and I wanted to clarify what I feel OpenStack is and is not.  According to the OpenStack Consortium, OpenStack is a Cloud OS.  First we need to define a Cloud OS.  When you look at NIST definitions of Cloud computing terms, Cloud OS doesn’t showContinue reading “OpenStack as I understand it”

Enterprises should just ignore OpenStack

OK, I’ve been back and forth with this, and I’m ready to say, “I don’t get OpenStack”.  I mean I get OpenStack.  I understand what it is, but I don’t understand why I should be interested in it from an enterprise perspective.  It’s the “Kernel” of the cloud.  I don’t want a kernel.  I wantContinue reading “Enterprises should just ignore OpenStack”

NetworkWorld Cloud Manager Quick Review – OpenStack, Eucalyptus, CloudStack, vCloud

Stumbled along a pretty nice overview and first impressions of the major players in Cloud Management.  I’ve installed both Eucalyptus and OpenStack and agree with the assessment for both projects.  OpenStack is promising but still young and the Open Source Eucalyptus is geared toward organizations that don’t need a user friendly interface or any consoleContinue reading “NetworkWorld Cloud Manager Quick Review – OpenStack, Eucalyptus, CloudStack, vCloud”

What is HP’s Converged Cloud exactly?

I’m having trouble understanding HP’s converged cloud as a product. Is it actually a set of hardware and management software or is it architecture? Is it focused on IaaS or PaaS? How is it related to their commitment to OpenStack? HP was initially all in on the OpenStack bandwagon saying that they planned to doContinue reading “What is HP’s Converged Cloud exactly?”

Does the enterprise really care about open source Cloud Management?

Eucalyptus announced that they will be consolidating the different flavors of their cloud management solution into one open source edition. A lot of outlets including this blog have given plenty of attention to OpenStack which is the flavor of the day for Cloud Management tools. Eucalyptus has been around for several years and is currentlyContinue reading “Does the enterprise really care about open source Cloud Management?”

Introduction to Cloud Computing – Cloud Manager

So, I normally teach this class as a two hour session and I had a heck of a time cutting out material and getting it down to something digestible for Internet (and slide deck) viewing. It’s a quick introduction to cloud managers and a continuation of my introductory cloud computing course.

OpenStack Administrative Interface

For an open source platform I think the basic interface provided out of the gate for OpenStack is OK.  A little sparse on options even for an end user interface.  Looks like a lot of development investment would have to be made to make the UI as clean as some of the other products I’veContinue reading “OpenStack Administrative Interface”

Cloud Manager Options

If you want to develop a Private or Public Cloud you have a couple of options for cloud managers.  Click here for a quick intro to why you need a cloud manager.  It seems that the defacto standard for VMware based virtualized environment has been vCloud Director.  The latest version has fixed the short comingsContinue reading “Cloud Manager Options”

What Makes a Virtualized Environment a Cloud?

It’s all about the Cloud Manager. According to NIST the characteristics of a cloud include Elastic, Broadband Access, Measured Service (Pay as you go), Self Provisioning and Pooled Service.  All of the cloud modes can meet the 5 characteristics.  But what makes a virtualized environment a “Cloud”. This is a fairly common question.  After allContinue reading “What Makes a Virtualized Environment a Cloud?”