The Demise of the System Admin – TechTalk Episode 21

With Cloud becoming more prominent in the enterprise there is a direct impact to the System Administrator role.  With less and less in-house infrastructure where does that leave the SA?  I discuss the future demise of the SA in the enterprise and where the opportunities for the technical resource exists in the Cloud enabled enterprise.

Enterprises should just ignore OpenStack

OK, I’ve been back and forth with this, and I’m ready to say, “I don’t get OpenStack”.  I mean I get OpenStack.  I understand what it is, but I don’t understand why I should be interested in it from an enterprise perspective.  It’s the “Kernel” of the cloud.  I don’t want a kernel.  I wantContinue reading “Enterprises should just ignore OpenStack”

Should Rackspace and OpenStack worry about Google and Microsoft?

NASA has stopped developing code for OpenStack.  This was expected at some point.  NASA nor Rackspace are software development houses.  Neither has expertise in developing what they call in the government space COTS (Common Off the Shelf) software products.  I believe this in part explains the long lead time in OpenStack development.  Now that IBMContinue reading “Should Rackspace and OpenStack worry about Google and Microsoft?”

Scoop: Google, Microsoft both targeting Amazon with new clouds

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Google (s goog) is hard at work on a cloud computing offering that will compete directly with the popular Amazon EC2 (s amzn) cloud, according to a source familiar with Google’s plans. Not to be outdone, other sources have confirmed Microsoft is also building an Infrastructure as a Service platform, and…

Introduction to Cloud Computing – Cloud Manager

So, I normally teach this class as a two hour session and I had a heck of a time cutting out material and getting it down to something digestible for Internet (and slide deck) viewing. It’s a quick introduction to cloud managers and a continuation of my introductory cloud computing course.

My wife knows what’s wrong with Apple’s Cloud strategy

My wife asked me the other day how does she log into her iCloud and get some data?  This is the problem with Apple’s cloud strategy – My wife doesn’t understand it.  My wife is a typical user – not a geek or even a power user.  She uses her computing devices as a toolContinue reading “My wife knows what’s wrong with Apple’s Cloud strategy”

The Cloud isn’t (Just) about saving money

I’ve been in enough cloud engagements to realize that the Cloud is not (just) about saving money. Sure, you can reduce start-up costs and pay “On-Demand” for resources. If you have 1001 e-mail users you can subscribe to 1001 instances of Google Apps or Office 365 and pay for exactly what you use. Does thatContinue reading “The Cloud isn’t (Just) about saving money”

Who do you trust with your data – Google, Microsoft or Dropbox?

For me the battle between Google Drive, Dropbox and Skydrive comes down to whom I trust with my data.  All of the solutions have very strong attributes.  Dropbox has the best and most widely adopted API’s.  Google has extremely strong integration with Google Docs and I’m sure superior search capability and Skydrive is a greatContinue reading “Who do you trust with your data – Google, Microsoft or Dropbox?”

What lessons can we learn about the cloud from Megaupload?

The Megaupload case represents one of the major challenges with the public Cloud.  The obvious issue for legal use cases for their service has been that non-infringing data is trapped in limbo along with the alleged infringing data.  One may say that a legitimate user should have seen this coming.  Megaupload’s primary use case wasContinue reading “What lessons can we learn about the cloud from Megaupload?”

Why do we even need VMWare’s CloudFoundry?

I live in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).  Most of the projects I’ve been involved in have been around either building these services or deploying applications built on these services. It’s also easy to get customers to relate to single instances of VM’s hosted in the cloud or e-mailContinue reading “Why do we even need VMWare’s CloudFoundry?”