Is Cisco’s ACI vaporware?

I am wondering if Cisco’s ACI Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution is vaporware. We will start by looking at the traits of vaporware, which include: Product announced as a result of a competitor’s action Loosely or undefined release date Non-Specific set of features Lack of product demos or customer betas VMware’s purchase of Nicira seemsContinue reading “Is Cisco’s ACI vaporware?”

Guessing the next big technology career path

Picking a winning career path in technology is difficult even if you have years of industry experience. The great thing about having over 15 years of experience in IT is that I have great 20/20 rear vision. I now know, investing in my Cisco certification, in 2001 was a much better idea than updating myContinue reading “Guessing the next big technology career path”

Cisco is only 4 years late with ACI

I asked for true hardware based network virtualization from Cisco over 3 1/2 years ago.  And, I guess Cisco has finally listened and will be giving me hardware based network virtualization.  Only thing is it seems the industry has moved on to a software based solution.  Cisco is in the middle of a software vs.Continue reading “Cisco is only 4 years late with ACI”

Network Virtualization: ACI vs. NSX is about ASIC vs. Software

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the Cisco ACI vs. VMware NSX debate.  It brings about a larger question.  It’s not just ACI vs. NSX but Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC).  When I started programing back in high school I had this theory about x86 hardware.  There was never such a thing as underContinue reading “Network Virtualization: ACI vs. NSX is about ASIC vs. Software”

Cisco is late to the SDN game but it may not matter

There was a time when I could reliably look toward Cisco to lead the network industry in providing capabilities that dragged along in the slow dredge that can be standards boards.  Cisco would fill the gap where standards bodies were slow to react.  For instance, Cisco long ago expanded the capability of the IGRP routingContinue reading “Cisco is late to the SDN game but it may not matter”

Cisco and VMware make Billion Dollar bets on SDN

Both Cisco and VMware have bet big on SDN as the future of the multi-billion dollar network industry.  VMware bet big on the purchase of Nicira and released their NSX product network virtualization solution as a way forward away from hardware first solutions such as typical Cisco product.  Cisco in kind has answered back withContinue reading “Cisco and VMware make Billion Dollar bets on SDN”

NSX needs some love from Network Managers

NSX needs more than the ability to be innovative in managing networks and “just” adding value similar to how x86 virtualization has done for the server team.  One of the key moments of VMworld was when the VMware COO called VMWorld the largest gathering of Network Administrators.  There are more virtual ports than physical andContinue reading “NSX needs some love from Network Managers”

Is SDN the innovation the industry never knew it needed?

Does SDN bring with it the type of innovation the original iPhone brought? Innovation takes much more than just really great technology.  It’s having the right technology that disrupts the status quo and enables uses that couldn’t be predicted.  For example, the iPhone revolutionized the way we look at the smart phone.  Prior to theContinue reading “Is SDN the innovation the industry never knew it needed?”

Is Cisco fighting a losing battle over SDN?

I’m wondering if Cisco is fighting a losing battle with their ACI approach to SDN.  Basically, they are looking to provide programmability to the network via their Application-Centric Infrastructure.  This is different from the current software first movement in that Cisco’s approach is based on their hardware first view of the network.  However, if youContinue reading “Is Cisco fighting a losing battle over SDN?”

Cisco and VMWare SDN: Breaking through the FUD

This post is Sponsored by – My Linked Profile There has been a good deal of FUD spread since VMware has announced their NSX network hypervisor based on software from their $1 billion Nicira acquisition.  VMware is a large corporation but, $1 billion is a lot of money to any company and a big betContinue reading “Cisco and VMWare SDN: Breaking through the FUD”