A day in the life of a technology architect – The Translator

Explaining how a complex technology impacts the business is one of the most difficult aspects of a Technology Architect’s job. I was chatting with an auto mechanic buddy of mine yesterday, and I explained what I did for a living. I sit in-between business executives and engineers. It’s my job to translate in both directions.Continue reading “A day in the life of a technology architect – The Translator”

TT 18: Infrastructure Architect Career Path

I spent a few months in a very public job search last year. I ended up as a SR Architect with a end user organization. However, my search provided me some insights into the differences in the Solutions Architect role within many vendors and the different architect roles within the customer enterprise. I share myContinue reading “TT 18: Infrastructure Architect Career Path”

TT 13: Robots are taking IT jobs

IT isn’t isolated from the impact of automation. As computers get better at doing things humans can do, where will the value-add of human capability be within IT infrastructure. Episode 13 is the first in a series of conversations about adding business value through IT. Show Notes: Inspired by a series of Planet Money PodcastsContinue reading “TT 13: Robots are taking IT jobs”

The job search is over – My reflections

I have so much to share around my job search that it’s difficult capture my thoughts in a single post. So, let’s start with the easy part, the summary. After putting in my notice as a management consultant on September 15th and leaving October 15th, I received a job offer December 23rd. I’ll be startingContinue reading “The job search is over – My reflections”

Update on my job search

I haven’t provided an update on the job search in a while because, I’ve been busy searching for a job. I also haven’t been blogging on virtualizedgeek.com in a while because most of my technical content is being sold to pay the bills. So, thanks to all the sites that have been willing to sponsorContinue reading “Update on my job search”