Work/Life Balance: Do we really want it?

Sunday evening, I was at the laptop drafting a blog post when I took a break and checked my client e-mail account. To remind you, this is a client of a job that I’m leaving because I want better work/life balance. My wife looked over and recognized the silhouette of the Outlook Web Client andContinue reading “Work/Life Balance: Do we really want it?”

Why I quit my job before having a new one

I did something last week I would never recommend someone else does; I quit my job without having another one lined up. I don’t mean I quit a job where the company is unethical, and I had a moral obligation to leave. I work for PwC (The firm) as an IT management consultant. When IContinue reading “Why I quit my job before having a new one”

Career Advice: Don’t be a jerk!

I really didn’t understand the value of displaying empathy when I was a young network engineer. I ate technology for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I could break down the technical differences of TCP/IP vs. SPX/IPX (yeah that). However, I really didn’t understand the importance of soft skill when dealing with my peers, management and internalContinue reading “Career Advice: Don’t be a jerk!”

Podcast: The value of a college degree to your tech career

My post regarding the topic of the value of a college degree in tech prompted a discussion with Mark Dyson on Podcast. The Voice of JobSeeker is a blog published by Mark Anthony Dyson a professional career coach and resume writer. Our conversation is in the second segment after a conversation with Jacob Share. The discussion with JacobContinue reading “Podcast: The value of a college degree to your tech career”

The future of the enterprise engineer will be more than technical

Popular thought is eventually every product gets commoditized. Some industries may take longer than others, but competition normally catches the market leader and costs a driven down. Or more efficient ways of providing a product or service is developed. Vendors then have to find some way to add value around the commoditized product. I’m wonderingContinue reading “The future of the enterprise engineer will be more than technical”

The Demise of the System Admin – TechTalk Episode 21

With Cloud becoming more prominent in the enterprise there is a direct impact to the System Administrator role.  With less and less in-house infrastructure where does that leave the SA?  I discuss the future demise of the SA in the enterprise and where the opportunities for the technical resource exists in the Cloud enabled enterprise.