Citrix XenClient vs VMware View Client

Some time ago I posted a first look post on XenClient.  My overall impression was that it was an interesting technology but the hardware support was too limited.  I’ve continued to keep my eye on it from a distance because VDI is always promising but the expanded use case I keep running into are clientContinue reading “Citrix XenClient vs VMware View Client”

2013 may FINALLY be the year of VDI and BYOD

I am thinking that maybe 2013 will finally be the year of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) enabled BYOD.  This is not because of some fancy new feature in VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop but due to a new feature of Windows 8.  I said a LONG TIME ago that Windows 8 should be a hypervisorContinue reading “2013 may FINALLY be the year of VDI and BYOD”

What does Samsung’s loss to Apple mean for Android in the enterprise?

I’m wondering out loud what Samsung’s loss means to the enterprise. Samsung is the leading maker of smart phones which means that a good number of employees are looking to connect their Samsung Android device up to your corporate network. They’ve done more to make Android mainstream than any other manufacturer. In turn, there areContinue reading “What does Samsung’s loss to Apple mean for Android in the enterprise?”

Should employees pay their own service bill for BYOD

I’ve read more than a couple of stories that claim that BYOD doesn’t save money but sends service costs spiraling out of control. The main cause is that companies either subsidize or out right pay an employees service charges.  The employee selects a device and a plan and then expenses the plan.  This is aContinue reading “Should employees pay their own service bill for BYOD”

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure missed the boat on mobile Bring Your Own Device

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a great technology.  But great technologies don’t always become great solutions.  Barb Darrow over at GigaOM post titled “Is this the year of desktop virtualization yet?”  It would seem the year of desktop virtualization has indeed been coming for the last 5 years.  VDI is a wonderful solution for theContinue reading “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure missed the boat on mobile Bring Your Own Device”

BYOD is unstoppable

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has gained unstoppable momentum. And thanks to the burgeoning mobile app market, employees have high expectations for these tools. They want an attractive user experience tailored to their devices. In other words, companies need to invest in building apps, period. During my two decades…

BYOD is all about delivery

Remember the big push for BYOD laptops?  The theory was that people would get a credit for a laptop device and bring it in to work.  Now the big push is around mobile devices.  End users have voted and Blackberry is out.  iPAD’s, iPhones and Android devices are in.  This makes for a difficult setContinue reading “BYOD is all about delivery”

Bring your own device is a fail? (or is VDI a failed approach?)

Read a post on ZDNET about how virtualization is the answer to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  That got me to thinking – Are the technologies that are being billed as enablers to BYOD actually the technologies that employees want? On VirtualizedGeek we’ve talked about many of these technologies – Application Virtualization, VDI and of courseContinue reading “Bring your own device is a fail? (or is VDI a failed approach?)”