Answer to the same old boring vendor conference sessions

I don’t attend many sessions at conferences like VMWorld. Mainly because it’s some lightweight messaging that I’ve heard at other conferences. Lisa Caywood (Brocade) had an interesting post on the cancer that’s vendor sponsorship at conferences. She asked for an alternative to the same bland message delivered by SE’s and vendor marketing engineers at everyContinue reading “Answer to the same old boring vendor conference sessions”

Deciding if to take sponsors on my blog

I’ve been blogging on for five years and have debated taking ads for five years. My thoughts continue to evolve. At Interop 2015, held in Los Vegas, I ran into fellow Chicagoan and Blogger Chris Wahl. Chris has been very successful blogging mainly on deep technical topics such as designing and configuring a managementContinue reading “Deciding if to take sponsors on my blog”

What in the world is a “Tech Evangelist?”

I’ve often seen the title but wondered what exactly is a Tech Evangelist.  The team over on the Geek Whisperers had Greg Knieriemen from @SpeakingTech on who is a Tech Evangelist at Hitachi.  Great inside baseball talk about the role.  

Dewey Defeats Truman!!! – I hate click bait

Hey I run a technology blog and I don’t do iPhone so, in the week that a new iPhone is released I don’t blog.  I don’t want to get caught up in the vacuum that’s Apple.  Fortunately, I don’t get paid to blog.  Well at least I don’t get paid to write on VirtualizedGeek.  So,Continue reading “Dewey Defeats Truman!!! – I hate click bait”

Are Facebook likes a waste of money?

I recently engaged in what turned out to be an expensive experiment in Facebook advertising. In the past I’ve used Google AdWords to advertise my blog with fairly good results. Even without a good click rate I saw a measurable increase in blog traffic. Facebook has some 900 million plus users so, if you createContinue reading “Are Facebook likes a waste of money?”