Cloud is about startups and that’s not enough

Former Netflix Architect Adrian Cockcraft and Speaking In Tech host Greg Knierieman had an interesting exchange on Twitter. Adrian compared Netflix’ $100M investment in House of Cards to Zynga’s $100 outlay in a data center. .@adrianco If you are going to compare Netflix & Zynga tech investments, then compare Netflix IT investments and AWS costs:Continue reading “Cloud is about startups and that’s not enough”

Amazon AWS vs. Enterprise Cloud: VirtualizedGeek TechTalk Episode 30

As a follow up to a couple of related posts, I talk about the challenge of getting enterprise shadow IT give up their AWS account. Related Posts OpenStack vs. AWS: It’s about the developers Amazon AWS really wasn’t designed for the Enterprise Is Amazon AWS Desktop as a Service (VDI) ready for prime time?

Amazon AWS really wasn’t designed for the Enterprise

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is “The” power house in Cloud computing. However, Amazon has struggled to gain a foothold in the enterprise. This is the case even when the geekiest of the enterprise SMEs finds creative uses for the service itself. EMC’s Chad Sakac provides a use case where his team builds an AWS application to test their ScaleIOContinue reading “Amazon AWS really wasn’t designed for the Enterprise”

Is Amazon AWS Desktop as a Service (VDI) ready for prime time?

So, I’ve ignored Amazon’s VDI offering for a few blogging cycles.  It’s clear that Amazon is offering their VDI service as a way to get their foot in the door of the enterprise.  If you think about it Amazon has little choice but to add a VDI solution to their current offering if they wantContinue reading “Is Amazon AWS Desktop as a Service (VDI) ready for prime time?”

Tech Talk Episode 19 – The hidden cost of public cloud

Too often I run into both management and engineers that default to the thinking that migrating infrastructures to Cloud computing will reduce costs.  It’s true that there are some capital expenses that will be reduced once you account for depreciation but I think people are a little over optimistic in the amount of operating expensesContinue reading “Tech Talk Episode 19 – The hidden cost of public cloud”

OpenStack powered by VMware

The more I think about it the strategy of VMware joining OpenStack is starting to make more and more sense. I wrote an earlier piece on how vCloud Director vs. OpenStack wasn’t the debate. Similar I don’t believe VMware and OpenStack compete at even the datacenter layer or Cloud layer for that matter. An argumentContinue reading “OpenStack powered by VMware”

VirtualizedGeek Tech Talks Episode 3

In episode 3, I talk about the Ars Technica article on VMware vs. AWS and if VMware needs to worry about Amazon’s price cuts. Yet another large company has rolled back their tele-work program.  Bestbuy announced the end of R.O.W.E. Last and most fun, we talk about my virtual vs. physical blog post.  

How do you measure Cloud up time?

So, Amazon had four major outages of their cloud services last year with the longest and most notable being the one that took Netflix streaming down for 23 hours during the busy holiday period.  This article over on TechTarget discusses how Cloud up time is many times higher than enterprise data center up time.  ThisContinue reading “How do you measure Cloud up time?”

VMware or OpenStack – Who will win the hearts of the data center?

It has taken me a couple years for me to understand Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions like AWS and OpenStack. I’ve built infrastructures for Software as a Service (SaaS) environments. I’ve also been part of a larger team that built a community cloud for the service organization that I work at based on VMwareContinue reading “VMware or OpenStack – Who will win the hearts of the data center?”

Does the Enterprise have a use for OpenStack and IaaS?

OpenStack has gotten a lot of attention the past few months.  As well as it should as it’s an ambitious project.  The question that I constantly ask, “What is the impact to the enterprise of these IaaS solutions.”  In theory when the OpenStack project is mature I should be able to move workloads from myContinue reading “Does the Enterprise have a use for OpenStack and IaaS?”