Deciding if to take sponsors on my blog

I’ve been blogging on for five years and have debated taking ads for five years. My thoughts continue to evolve. At Interop 2015, held in Los Vegas, I ran into fellow Chicagoan and Blogger Chris Wahl. Chris has been very successful blogging mainly on deep technical topics such as designing and configuring a managementContinue reading “Deciding if to take sponsors on my blog”

Hyperconverged vendor Maxta announces SDN partnership

Hyperconverged vendor Maxta recently announced a partnership with Cumulus to bring software-defined networking (SDN) to the hyperconverged space. My hope was that Maxta and Cumulus were doing something really new. The hope was something like the Infrastructure Brick approach I’ve previously written about in the past. The idea is to build a data center designedContinue reading “Hyperconverged vendor Maxta announces SDN partnership”

Running vSphere in Amazon or Google Compute

Intel and AMD adding virtualization support to CPU’s marked a watershed moment in the history of virtualization. AMD-V and Intel VT closed the gap in performance between physical workloads and virtualized workloads. Hardware based support virtualization support allowed not only the support for 64-bit virtual guests but nested virtualization as well. Nested virtualization allows theContinue reading “Running vSphere in Amazon or Google Compute”

Is Data Virtualization the Future of Enterprise Storage?

I recently attended Storage Field Day 7 (See disclosure) and was introduced to the concept of data virtualization. From a high-level data virtualization is the abstraction of data services from the physical data. Initially, the concept of data virtualization didn’t resonate with me. It reminded me of trying to understand network virtualization for the firstContinue reading “Is Data Virtualization the Future of Enterprise Storage?”

Don’t let Linux appliances compromise security

I had the pleasure of reworking the patch management strategy for a Fortune 500 during my stint as a management consultant. One surprising response I’d get from application owners when questioning them about their patch strategy was around appliances. The company had developed this magical exception for patching appliances. The universal response when asked aboutContinue reading “Don’t let Linux appliances compromise security”

CopyData yeah… Long live Data Virtualization

I got into interesting sets of exchanges over CopyData with the fine folks of Actifio and Catalogic Software. In general, I’m a fan of the concept of CopyData software. Both solutions reduce the amount of production data on storage (which is up to 60% of all enterprise data) using technics such as snapshots, redirection andContinue reading “CopyData yeah… Long live Data Virtualization”

The Software Mainframe

SiliconANGLE.TV had IBM’s CTO Jeffrey Frey on theCube during IBM’s InterConnect2015 conference. Host John Furrier referenced a comment by former VMware CEO Paul Moritz from 2009. Moritz stated the goal of VMware was to create a software mainframe. EMC may have questioned Moritz’ capability to lead VMware into its next stage of growth, but IContinue reading “The Software Mainframe”

Transporter – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

Officially my last preview before Storage Field Day 7 is Transporter. Transporter is a private cloud file sharing service. Maybe the most obvious use case for shadow IT is file sharing. Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive make file sharing and collaboration simple. The combination of wide mobile app adoption and collaborationContinue reading “Transporter – Storage Field Day 7 Preview”