Virtualization Training Choices

I’ve learned over the years to appreciate formal training courses. The foundation of my IT knowledge is from self-study. I achieved my MCSE, CNE, CCNA and etc through a combination of job experience, home lab and self-study materials. However, I’ve taken courses in school and with vendors that have helped me better understand technology inContinue reading “Virtualization Training Choices”

Is the iPad a Better Thin Client than a Workstation?

With the release of the Citrix client for the iPad I have to ask the question.  Is the iPad a better Windows 7 Tablet than any native device that PC Manufactures can create?  I want to look at the iPad as a serious Thin Client device. I recently purchased an iPad to play around withContinue reading “Is the iPad a Better Thin Client than a Workstation?”

What is Application Virtualization

This is a pretty good article explaining application virtualization here.  I think all the virtualization terms can get rather confusing.  I first got introduced to application virtualization through Altiris a few years ago.  I thought it was a good platform for us IT folks that would commonly install and uninstall tools for testing on ourContinue reading “What is Application Virtualization”

ESX inside of VMware Workstation

I was talking with a VMware ISV Health Evangelist the other day and he mentioned with VMWare Workstation 7 you can now run vSphere 4 inside of VMware and have nested virtual machines. I thought that was curious as I have 6.5 and had heard you could already do it. Why in the world wouldContinue reading “ESX inside of VMware Workstation”