Community vs. Good Old Boys Club

My wife made an intriguing statement as we were discussing my job search. Specifically, we were discussing the process of using my community contacts and blogging platform vs. the traditional method of applying for jobs via websites and waiting or a call from a recruiter. She asked me how did it feel to be inContinue reading “Community vs. Good Old Boys Club”

Graduated from Management Consulting – Now What!?

    I’ve graduated from my job and learning experience as a management consultant at PwC, one of the world’s largest professional services firm. PwC is a wonderful organization. It is by far the best employer I’ve encountered from a cultural perspective. I’ve written at length about the importance of diversity and PwC gets it likeContinue reading “Graduated from Management Consulting – Now What!?”

When will IT infrastructure become invisible?

The recent Amazon and Rackspace Xen security patching shows how far infrastructure needs to go before it becomes the invisible plumbing of the Internet let alone enterprise IT. Netflix wrote an interesting blog post that shows the lengths they went to in order to keep their services unaffected. We should be getting to the pointContinue reading “When will IT infrastructure become invisible?”

Work/Life Balance: Do we really want it?

Sunday evening, I was at the laptop drafting a blog post when I took a break and checked my client e-mail account. To remind you, this is a client of a job that I’m leaving because I want better work/life balance. My wife looked over and recognized the silhouette of the Outlook Web Client andContinue reading “Work/Life Balance: Do we really want it?”

Why I quit my job before having a new one

I did something last week I would never recommend someone else does; I quit my job without having another one lined up. I don’t mean I quit a job where the company is unethical, and I had a moral obligation to leave. I work for PwC (The firm) as an IT management consultant. When IContinue reading “Why I quit my job before having a new one”

Why HP and Cisco passed on VMware EVO

I’ve been accused of being a conspiracy theorist, and I’m sure this post won’t do anything to dispel that perception. I’m talking VMware’s EVO platform and the missing partnership between Cisco and HP. I’m sure that there is a reason beyond technology why two of VMware’s largest server hardware partners have decided to take aContinue reading “Why HP and Cisco passed on VMware EVO”

EMC is entering the server business

One of the things that I haven’t seen highlighted as part of VMware’s EVO:Rail hyper-converged announcement is that EMC will be a hardware OEM partner. Just to spell this out, this means that EMC will make an appliance that will run VMware VM’s. EMC entering the hyper-converged market was expected. Just like Extreme-IO provided themContinue reading “EMC is entering the server business”

No business case for SDN

One of the great things about both VMware NSX and Cisco ACI is that both have brought a great deal of attention to Software Defined Networking (SDN). SDN is fascinating and innovating technology. Whether you are taking Cisco’s programmable hardware-based approach or VMware’s network overlay approach, the technology enables network managers to deliver network infrastructureContinue reading “No business case for SDN”

Infrastructure bricks are the future of enterprise data centers

I’ve always felt the current flavors of hyper-converged bricks are incomplete.  The focus is on storage and compute with no solid consideration for networking.  In my opinion to be considered a converged infrastructure you have to offer storage, compute and networking.  There hasn’t been a lot of press around vendors looking to break down theContinue reading “Infrastructure bricks are the future of enterprise data centers”