Error Uploading to vCloud Air using OVFTool

I spent a few hours trying to upload the Windows Server 2016 ISO to vCloud Air. The web browser plugin to enable uploading files to vCloud air doesn’t currently work. The directions say to reference KB2110191. There are a few things wrong with the KB. First is the screenshots are incomplete. They are cut offContinue reading “Error Uploading to vCloud Air using OVFTool”

My musings on HP Storage

  I struggle to find storage related stuff to write. I find virtualization and networking topics much easier because of my network administrator roots. However, most of the real innovation that directly impact application service levels have been in storage. I’ve spent the past year coming up to speed on storage technology. I recently was invitedContinue reading “My musings on HP Storage”

IT vendors aren’t management consultants

One of my observations during my job search — IT vendors are trying to move up the consulting stack. Vendors want enterprise customers to know that they have both the technical and business capability to solve business challenges. My outside observation is that they still fall short. Even the real deal consultants should find outContinue reading “IT vendors aren’t management consultants”

The job search is over – My reflections

I have so much to share around my job search that it’s difficult capture my thoughts in a single post. So, let’s start with the easy part, the summary. After putting in my notice as a management consultant on September 15th and leaving October 15th, I received a job offer December 23rd. I’ll be startingContinue reading “The job search is over – My reflections”

Is Docker Gluten Free? – Click bait

As you might have imagined, this post has nothing to do with Docker. I authored a post comparing Docker to VMware vSphere. If you are familiar with both products, you will think it a silly comparison. If you are only familiar with one, you might be interested in the post. An interesting side effect ofContinue reading “Is Docker Gluten Free? – Click bait”

Is it time for a new publishing model for IT books?

A couple of years ago, I was approached by a publisher to write a book on VMware resource management. After writing an outline and getting an idea of the amount of research and writing involved in the creation of the book, I passed on the opportunity. Part of my decision was the amount of moneyContinue reading “Is it time for a new publishing model for IT books?”

Time to get over the fear of Linux

After following the Cloud computing market for a some years, I’ve begun to ask myself the question, can you have a significant engineering job in Cloud computing without knowing Linux. Back in my pure engineering days, I could get by with just knowing a little Linux and a lot of about Windows Server. Even inContinue reading “Time to get over the fear of Linux”

Update on my job search

I haven’t provided an update on the job search in a while because, I’ve been busy searching for a job. I also haven’t been blogging on in a while because most of my technical content is being sold to pay the bills. So, thanks to all the sites that have been willing to sponsorContinue reading “Update on my job search”

Poor service management causes data center migration pains

Have you ever gotten a call from a friend to help them move? When you arrive no packing has been completed, and they’ve rented a truck that’s much too small to make a single trip or even just three trips? Frustrating experience, right? Trying to perform or even plan a data center migration without properContinue reading “Poor service management causes data center migration pains”