TT 13: Robots are taking IT jobs

IT isn’t isolated from the impact of automation. As computers get better at doing things humans can do, where will the value-add of human capability be within IT infrastructure. Episode 13 is the first in a series of conversations about adding business value through IT. Show Notes: Inspired by a series of Planet Money PodcastsContinue reading “TT 13: Robots are taking IT jobs”

TechTalk 9: Copy data solutions

I ran into the first vendor providing a copy data solution back at VMWorld 2013. It was Actifio and the solution intrigued me. By 2015 and Storage Field Day 7 when Catalogic software presented their solution, I become dismissive of the category. The concept has potential for infrastructure specific such as backup and non-real timeContinue reading “TechTalk 9: Copy data solutions”

TechTalk 7 – Venom and containers spreading some FUD

I’m here today to spread some Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) about containers. While Venom has made some headlines about a vulnerability within some open source hypervisors, I’m more interested in the disucsion around container security. Download and listen to the podcast to hear my concerns.    

TechTalk Episode 4 – Does EMC or enterprise IT get open source?

During EMCWorld 2015, EMC announced the open source of ViPR. The reactions have been mixed and the question has been asked if EMC or for that matter general enterprises get open source. Show Notes Juku.IT post on failed open source approaches Matt Assay’s InformationWeek post on enterprise open source contribution