The Sphere – Mission Accomplished w/Rebecca Fitzhugh

Rubrik Technical Marketing Engineer Rebecca Fitzhugh joins the Sphere. Rebecca shares her experience starting her career as a 17-year old in the military to running her consultancy and eventually joining Rubrik. Rebecca has a unique perspective as someone willing to mop the floor or design a data to accomplish the mission while finding enjoyment alongContinue reading “The Sphere – Mission Accomplished w/Rebecca Fitzhugh”

Running a Business as a Couple – John & Kat Troyer

John and Kat Troyer share their experience of running a business as both business partners and a married couple. In this raw conversation, Keith and Mark probe for input on topics ranging from money, stress, and trust. Thanks to John and Kat for a very honest conversation. You can find more about their businesses on

Quietly Judging with Amy Lewis – VirtualizedGeek Podcast

Welcome back to podcasting on the VirtualizedGeek. We’ve rebooted the channel to a career-focused podcast. In this first return episode, Amy Lewis of the Geek Whisperers joins the podcast to talk about her transformation from working in publishing to a director at a large enterprise IT software company. Show Notes 04:00 – Yes and? Amy’s firstContinue reading “Quietly Judging with Amy Lewis – VirtualizedGeek Podcast”

Understanding Ubuntu (BASH) on Windows 10

Microsoft has more than warmed up to Linux. The company which once was at war with open source has created a whole new subsystem to allow running Ubuntu’s Executable and Linkable Format (ELF). Microsoft’s Channel 9 has a detailed video on the details of the beta project. I created the below video to help introduceContinue reading “Understanding Ubuntu (BASH) on Windows 10”

CTO Advisor Chat Episode 1 – SD-WAN The killer SDN app

I struggled to find the killer application for Software-Defined Networking. The PacketPushers who are the geekiest of networking geeks don’t feel Cisco ACI or VMware NSX are mature enough for the average enterprise. I am however intrigued by SD WAN. One of the use cases I’ve mentioned for SD-WAN is saving on circuit costs whileContinue reading “CTO Advisor Chat Episode 1 – SD-WAN The killer SDN app”

Tech Talk 27: The hypervisor no longer matters

I never brought the idea that VMware is doubling down on virtualization. It didn’t make sense to me. While VMware itself was going well, I didn’t see vSphere as a blockbuster solution anymore. A few years later the diversity we see in VMware’s portfolio bears this out. No one I’ve talked to is knocking downContinue reading “Tech Talk 27: The hypervisor no longer matters”

TT 25: The end of blogging

Interesting edition of The Reckoning newsletter last night. One of the topics was alternative forms of blogging and the rise of podcasting. Obviously, I’ve already adopted podcasting. I’ve settled on a 3 episode a week release schedule. The format is a micro-podcast lasting from 4 to 7 mins on wide ranging topics around enterprise tech.Continue reading “TT 25: The end of blogging”

TT 24: Nutanix isn’t an application

Nutanix CEO’s response to VMware’s vSphere support concerns is interesting. One of the more interesting battles in enterprise tech has been the back and forth between Nutanix and VMware. Most recently VMware had gotten a dig in on Nutanix’ end user license agreement that prevents publishing of benchmarks without the written permission of Nutanix. AsContinue reading “TT 24: Nutanix isn’t an application”