Tech Talk 27: The hypervisor no longer matters

I never brought the idea that VMware is doubling down on virtualization. It didn’t make sense to me. While VMware itself was going well, I didn’t see vSphere as a blockbuster solution anymore. A few years later the diversity we see in VMware’s portfolio bears this out. No one I’ve talked to is knocking downContinue reading “Tech Talk 27: The hypervisor no longer matters”

A day in the life of a technology architect – The Translator

Explaining how a complex technology impacts the business is one of the most difficult aspects of a Technology Architect’s job. I was chatting with an auto mechanic buddy of mine yesterday, and I explained what I did for a living. I sit in-between business executives and engineers. It’s my job to translate in both directions.Continue reading “A day in the life of a technology architect – The Translator”

TT 25: The end of blogging

Interesting edition of The Reckoning newsletter last night. One of the topics was alternative forms of blogging and the rise of podcasting. Obviously, I’ve already adopted podcasting. I’ve settled on a 3 episode a week release schedule. The format is a micro-podcast lasting from 4 to 7 mins on wide ranging topics around enterprise tech.Continue reading “TT 25: The end of blogging”

TT 24: Nutanix isn’t an application

Nutanix CEO’s response to VMware’s vSphere support concerns is interesting. One of the more interesting battles in enterprise tech has been the back and forth between Nutanix and VMware. Most recently VMware had gotten a dig in on Nutanix’ end user license agreement that prevents publishing of benchmarks without the written permission of Nutanix. AsContinue reading “TT 24: Nutanix isn’t an application”

My musings on HP Storage

  I struggle to find storage related stuff to write. I find virtualization and networking topics much easier because of my network administrator roots. However, most of the real innovation that directly impact application service levels have been in storage. I’ve spent the past year coming up to speed on storage technology. I recently was invitedContinue reading “My musings on HP Storage”

TT 21: Selecting a technology consultant

Day 2 of HP Discover, I had the opportunity to sit down with HP Technical Services. HP Technical Services is the technology consulting arm of HP Enterprise. These are the consultants you go and have wide-ranging conversations with about business challenges when you know the high-level technical solutions. They are the really smart guys that canContinue reading “TT 21: Selecting a technology consultant”

TT 20: HP Discover Day 1 – HP is HUGE!!!

Day 1 of HP Discover. I mentioned how big HP is as an organization. I got a sense how complex and hard it is to present everything that is going on in HP. I sat through presentations from HP Storage, HP Software and HP Helion. I touch on the highlights from each session including theContinue reading “TT 20: HP Discover Day 1 – HP is HUGE!!!”