I’m headed to both Australia VMUGs

I commonly run into VMware community members from Australia during VMworld and TechField Day events. It’s a long flight, and I enjoy running into all of the community members with a different perspective at infrastructure. I’m grateful for the diversity. I get to experience first hand the marathon that’s traveling 17 hours into the future.Continue reading “I’m headed to both Australia VMUGs”

Error Uploading to vCloud Air using OVFTool

I spent a few hours trying to upload the Windows Server 2016 ISO to vCloud Air. The web browser plugin to enable uploading files to vCloud air doesn’t currently work. The directions say to reference KB2110191. There are a few things wrong with the KB. First is the screenshots are incomplete. They are cut offContinue reading “Error Uploading to vCloud Air using OVFTool”

Cirba – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview

Next up in my previews to Virtualization Field Day 6 (VFD6) is Cirba. There’s already a good amount of introduction content out from other VFD6 delegates for Cirba. Cirba is a veteran of Tech Field Day. They made an appearance at TFDx during VMworld 2015. Cirba is a proper virtualization optimization solution. They are inContinue reading “Cirba – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview”

ZeroStack – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview

Next up in our preview to Virtualization Field Day 6 (VFD6) is ZeroStack. VFD6 is my first introduction to ZeroStack. ZeroStack has a bunch of buzz words going on in their solution. ZeroStack provides a hyper-converged infrastructure to build a private cloud consumed via OpenStack API’s and managed via a SaaS portal. There’s a lotContinue reading “ZeroStack – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview”

Spirent – VFD 6 Preview

Next up on my Virtualization Field Day 6 previews is Spirent. I’m familiar with Spirent from their load generating solutions. I wrote up my experience trying to troubleshoot an distributed IP multicast webcast system. One of the outstanding questions we needed to answer was if bandwidth contention was a factor in the performance of the system.Continue reading “Spirent – VFD 6 Preview”

FalconStor – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview

I’m going to Virtualization Field Day 6. And, I’ll continue my new tradition of previewing each presenting company before the event. Today, we’ll take a look at FalconStor. Basic Company Info FalconStor is a publically traded company (FALC) with a market cap of about $83M at the time of this writing. The company, founded inContinue reading “FalconStor – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview”

CTO Advisor Chat Episode 1 – SD-WAN The killer SDN app

I struggled to find the killer application for Software-Defined Networking. The PacketPushers who are the geekiest of networking geeks don’t feel Cisco ACI or VMware NSX are mature enough for the average enterprise. I am however intrigued by SD WAN. One of the use cases I’ve mentioned for SD-WAN is saving on circuit costs whileContinue reading “CTO Advisor Chat Episode 1 – SD-WAN The killer SDN app”

The end of VirtualizedGeek – a new beginning

I’ve decided that it’s time to say “see you later” to virtualizedgeek.com. I’ll get right to it. I’m no longer a virtualization geek, and the brand no longer fits my career trajectory. I haven’t touched a production system since November of 2010. The last VMware vSphere deployment I worked, I debated the merits of installingContinue reading “The end of VirtualizedGeek – a new beginning”