virtualizedgeekLogoI am a IT Management Consultant with PwC however the views represented on this blog are mine and not that of my employer.

There are certain tech companies that I’ve found myself to be fond of over the years. They include Novell, Microsoft, VMware and Cisco. These tech giants have helped me establish a long successful career. Each were at one point disruptive and grew to become market leaders due to their innovation and their willingness to question the status quo and change how we look at enterprise tech. The time has long past that Novell found itself to be a heavy influence in enterprise technology. The other three find themselves in the position of industry leaders being threatened by new innovation.

Microsoft is getting assaulted on many fronts and no longer has a self haven in Server, Desktop Productivity or even desktop operating systems. Their mobile strategy has been the butt of many jokes. VMware is being challenged by of all people Microsoft along with KVM, OpenStack and AWS. Cisco seems intent on protecting their enterprise hardware market through denying trends that seem to ultimately benefit the very same customers.

As a technology thought leader to my customers, I find myself fighting the urge to be nostalgic about the companies and technologies that helped build my career. I hold a legacy MCSE from back in the late 90’s and a CCNA from 2003 I believe. I built my first SaaS infrastructure using ESX 3.5. So, I’m a little prejudice to these technologies. But, I’m charged with helping organizations see ahead of the curve so that they can leverage technology to achieve their organization’s mission while investing wisely in technology. With this charge, I can’t afford to be loyal to any specific brand or technology. If they don’t keep their disruptive spirits these companies can find themselves looking up from the mat like Novell has found itself. Worst, I could find myself looking around wondering, “Who Moved My Cheese?”

That’s what VirtualizedGeek is about. Not loyal to a single company or technology but helping spark the discussion about what solutions truly enables enterprises to achieve their mission.

If you are interested in working with me as a freelancer you can contact me via keith@virtualizedgeek.com if you are more interested in the physical man behind the virtual geek you can visit my personal blog at http://keithtownsend.co

Keith Townsend

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