I’m headed to both Australia VMUGs

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Image: Wikipedia

I commonly run into VMware community members from Australia during VMworld and TechField Day events. It’s a long flight, and I enjoy running into all of the community members with a different perspective at infrastructure. I’m grateful for the diversity. I get to experience first hand the marathon that’s traveling 17 hours into the future. Both the Melbourne and Sydney VMware User Groups (VMUG) will host me for their annual user conferences the week of February 22nd.


While the same country, each conference will have its own look and feel. I’ll deliver the afternoon keynote at 4:00 PM (11:00 PM Chicago). I’ll discuss when to select a hyper-converged platform. I’m hoping to give the topic some depth. Hyper-converged, referred to as a web architecture technology, is marketed to solve almost any business requirement. I’ll peel back the layers and provide some insight into when hyper-converged fits and traditional when to look elsewhere. For those unfamiliar with hyper-converged, I wrote an introductory to the concept.

I’m especially looking forward to teaming up with VMware’s Scott Lowe to deliver a community session. Scott was kind enough to propose the topic of addressing the top 5 technologies engineers need to know. I’ll provide an overview of why the five technologies are critical to the business and, therefore, your career.


I get the morning keynote slot at 9:15 AM (4:15PM Chicago) for the Melbourne VMUG. I’ll be delivering a talk on careers. I’m making my pitch for adding business skill to your skills inventory. As cloud and outsourcing continue to commoditize the infrastructure skill set, it’s critical for engineers to look beyond technology. It’s a topic I’m very passionate. I delivered a similar session at the Cincinnati 2015 VMUG. For those of you that can’t make it, I posted a shortened version on youtube. I highly recommend you attend the session. The 1/2 hour of additional content is worth the trip to the conference center.

Scott will also deliver his NSX presentation. VMware announced NSX has a 600M USD run rate. While network segmentation drives the adoption of NSX, I’m looking forward to Scott sharing additional use cases.

The international man of mystery, Chris Wahl will also deliver sessions at each VMUG. The vBrownBag crew will be at both conferences. I plan on sitting in on many of the sessions to learn from the community. Please make sure to stop me in the hall and chat about any of my sessions or technology in general.

Follow the below hashtags and registration links for each conference.

#SydneyVMUG – Sydney registration link

#MelbourneVMUG – Melbourne registration link

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