Cirba – Virtualization Field Day 6 Preview

Next up in my previews to Virtualization Field Day 6 (VFD6) is Cirba. There’s already a good amount of introduction content out from other VFD6 delegates for Cirba. Cirba is a veteran of Tech Field Day. They made an appearance at TFDx during VMworld 2015. Cirba is a proper virtualization optimization solution. They are in the class of a VMTurbo. We’ll get into the technology shortly.

Company Details

Cirba, based in Ontario Canada, is relatively small but isn’t a start-up. According to Crunchbase, the company was started in 1999. I’m sure they have more than the three listed on the Crunchbase page. The company’s LinkedIn page has it in the 50-200 employee range. Gerry Smith leads Cirba.


I’m sure their product portfolio include much more than virtualization based analytics tools. The company predates the virtualization craze. Cirba considers itself an analytics company. During his TFDx presentation, Andrew Hillier compared optimizing data center resources to a game of Tetris. I believe it’s a great comparison and a great indication of what Cirba is trying to achieve. How do you place workloads in the right infrastructure containers? While the focus of this event is virtualization Cirba is aiming to help data center utilize resources as efficiently as possible.

I’m sure their collateral material has greater detail on how they help with Networking and storage. I would have downloaded a white paper, but I’ve been getting spammed non-stop by a Cirba sales person for a few weeks. I have no desire to volunteer my information as part the registration wall on their website.

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