The end of VirtualizedGeek – a new beginning

I’ve decided that it’s time to say “see you later” to I’ll get right to it. I’m no longer a virtualization geek, and the brand no longer fits my career trajectory. I haven’t touched a production system since November of 2010. The last VMware vSphere deployment I worked, I debated the merits of installing vSphere 4.1 vs. vSphere 5.0. My knowledge of the topic while not completely stale due to my home lab hasn’t kept up with the moniker.

Over the past 4+ years, I’ve spent most of that time in a CTO type role. I spent two years with Lockheed Martin where I set the direction for the infrastructure of a large U.S. Federal Agency. I went on to PwC where I spent another two years in an advisory role to Fortune 500 IT executives. I’m now an Infrastructure Architect with AbbVie, which is a pharmaceutical in the far north suburbs of Chicago.

While, my title is Architect, I spend very little time on the technology part of the job. I spend more time managing people, setting the technology strategy and interfacing with business line executives. I’m a pseudo-CTO.

With change comes more change

VirtualizedGeek’s original mission was to cater to the virtualization enthusiast. Some of my early posts were about the what knobs to turn to make the infrastructure run well. At this point in my career, I don’t even know if they still use knobs. I’m the guy that makes promises to the business, go back to the engineer to find that it’s not technically feasible and then go back to the business to find a new way. Or, I bring all parties together and find a way forward.

To continue to add value to the community, I feel I need to be true to my identity. My content has shifted to higher-level topics but, frankly speaking, I don’t believe it has resonated. One of my long-term readers suggested that I do tech reviews similar to Chris Wahl. I could have followed the suggestion and saw a nice uptick in readership. One of my most popular posts is still my review of XenDesktop.

However, my desire isn’t go garner more page views for the sake of having more page views. Page views are a way of measuring the success of a strategy but not the goal. My desire is to participate in the discussion of my profession and hopefully add and receive value from that discussion. In the end, it benefits the community, my employer and me. My profession is no longer focused on virtualization technology.

What’s next?

Well, I’m working on the new blog site which will be You can follow me on Twitter @CTOadvisor. Once I decide on the specifics of the site, I’ll update my Twitter profile. Obviously, by my Twitter handle the focus will be on CTO type content. I choose CTO vs. CIO for a specific reason. CIO’s aren’t necessarily technical, and my content will still be technical in nature. I plan on tying the content back to the business drivers. I know this audience isn’t always interested in the business side of the conversation. If you are then, you’ll like the new site.

I can’t promise that I won’t post anything ever again to VirtualizedGeek. I still have the itch to run 32 VM’s on a laptop, and there still needs to be a cool place to share that stuff. The frequency just won’t be very often.

Until next time…. vg-logo-v2-resized.jpg

Published by Keith Townsend

Now I'm @CTOAdvisor

One thought on “The end of VirtualizedGeek – a new beginning

  1. I completely know where you are coming from and look forward to reading your stuff on the new site. Going through something similar since I have been in school and looking at the path my career is going and had to consider re-branding myself to show the evolution.

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