Tech Talk 27: The hypervisor no longer matters

VMwareI never brought the idea that VMware is doubling down on virtualization. It didn’t make sense to me. While VMware itself was going well, I didn’t see vSphere as a blockbuster solution anymore. A few years later the diversity we see in VMware’s portfolio bears this out. No one I’ve talked to is knocking down doors to upgrade to vSphere 6.0. I’ve followed VMware since VMware ESX 3.5. I haven’t experienced this lack of excitement over a major release in years. vSphere 5.5 maybe VMware’s Windows 7. It’s good enough to not be compelled to upgrade.

So, where does that leave VMware? How will they support the growth that The Street expects? Listen to the podcast to get my thoughts on the future of virtualization and VMware.

Show Notes

My Post over on TechRepublic – Why VMware may fall victim to virtualization cost cutting

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