TT 19: HP Discover 2015

I’m headed to HP Discover wearing my blogger hat and wanted to share why I decided to spend another two days in Las Vegas. More importantly, why enterprise customers still take HP seriously. HP is more than just a big company, they are innovating in many areas.

Show Notes

HP Discover Website 

Invited Blogger list

Enrico Signoretti’s Blog and HP Sponsored CrowdChat 


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One thought on “TT 19: HP Discover 2015

  1. Companies like HP and Intel are working on new technologies like memristor and silicon photonics. This takes a lot of work and research. For example Intel spend more than 10 years on silicon photonics. Both of these technologies will allow the industry to keep moving forward.

    To bad Intel had to delay the release of their silicon photonics products:

    Maybe memristor will allow us to get some proper AI instead of just machine learning:

    I didn’t know Google was also in the game of doing some real computer hardware research like radar for user interfaces:

    What these companies are doing is very different from a company like what Dell does.

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