TechTalk 17: Response to the State of the Stack 4

I’ve become blog famous for my OpenStack isn’t Ready for the Enterprise TechTalk from what now has been a couple of years. So, I find it appropriate that I respond to Randy Bias’ State of the Stack 4 talk from the recent OpenStack Summit in Vancouver.


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4 thoughts on “TechTalk 17: Response to the State of the Stack 4

  1. First I wanted to state the obvious: Randy is awesome. 🙂 Everytime I’ve seen a talk by Randy he gets all the points across and the solutions make a lot of sense. Not surprised his company got bought.

    I think Kolla is the most important OpenStack project right now. It uses containers to help with doing OpenStack installation (which TripleO tried to solve in the past). It helps with creating the modularity of a deployment and automation of deployed and upgrades of an existing deployment.

    Have you see the Kolla presentation ?:

      1. I like the concept. Goes along with Randy’s point that projects should equal services. They have a long way to go but on a good track.

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