Hyperconverged vendor Maxta announces SDN partnership

Hyperconverged vendor Maxta recently announced a partnership with Cumulus to bring software-defined networking (SDN) to the hyperconverged space. My hope was that Maxta and Cumulus were doing something really new. The hope was something like the Infrastructure Brick approach I’ve previously written about in the past. The idea is to build a data center designed on scale-out nodes that provide storage, compute and network on commodity hardware.

What Maxta announced seems like something much closer to the integration Coho Data and Arista Networks offer but specifically around connectivity resiliency. In the Coho Data solution, storage services are extended to the network. In the Coho Data approach, the network basically becomes NAS aware and routes traffic to the most appropriate Coho Data node. In the Maxta solution, the storage becomes network aware and helps build data resiliency based on network topology.

Image: Maxta
Image: Maxta

I’d like to see a much deeper level of integration of SDN and hyperconverged platforms. Long term, I believe the same customer interested in building a datacenter based purely on hyperconverged storage and compute would benefit from an integrated network configuration.

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4 thoughts on “Hyperconverged vendor Maxta announces SDN partnership

  1. Thank you for recognizing Maxta and the work that we are doing with Cumulus. Maxta is committed to building our relationship with Cumulus and other leading vendors to enable the build-out of data centers built entirely on commodity hardware and software-defined solutions.

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